Thursday, 26 March 2015

Armored Warfare Developer Q&A

Hello warriors,

Armored Warfare released its first weekly developer Q&A (player questions from AW forums were answered by developers, mostly the chief developer Richard Taylor). This is however not only a repost - if you want to, you can ask some stuff in the comments and Silentstalker ("Frank Davis" in comments) will be answering if he can.

Question: Can you quickly describe the ramming system? What happens when I ram into an enemy vehicle?
Answer: Each vehicle has a base "ramming damage rating". This rating is primarily determined by the vehicle's mass, tier, and class. Vehicles also have a "ramming defense rating", which is also primarily determined by mass, tier, and class. This helps reduce the damage that vehicle takes from ramming.
When the vehicle impacts another vehicle, we check the relative velocity of the collision. If it exceeds a certain threshold, a damage score is generated based on the ramming damage rating multiplied by a factor of the relative speed of the impact. This damage is then reduced based on a combination of the armor thickness at the point of impact and the ramming defense rating. This happens to both the vehicles in the collision; essentially, they both deal damage to each other based on their (ramming damage * velocity modifier) vs. their opponent's (ramming defense + armor at point of impact).
The reason we use things like "ramming damage ratings" and "ramming defense ratings" rather than just mass and armor is because we have both heavy and light vehicles at almost every tier of play. These ratings help us make sure that ramming damage remains reasonable, so we don't see cases where tapping an equal tier vehicle causes it to explode, or where a heavy vehicle for its tier is immune to ramming.

Question: Is it possible that if a new tank is unveiled in future (for example the Armata, expected to appear during the Victory Day parade in Moscow in May), it will be added into the game?
Answer: Yes, it’s completely possible – we will be adding more and more vehicles to the game, including the newest tanks.

26.03.2015 Q&A

Not much today:

- There are currently no plans to further rework Malinovka;
- It's completely possible that the recently released render of Super Pershing is wrong, the model will undergo more changes;
- According to developers, patch 9.7 will come in "early April" - recently, WG EU released some form of a "leak" saying that it might be around 7.4.2015, giving us almost two more weeks to test it.

Czechoslovak Colors and Camouflage for World of Tanks

Author: Silentstalker

Hello everyone,

with the upcoming Czechoslovak branch in World of Tanks this year, the question that is often asked is "what will the color of the tanks be" and "are there any interesting inscriptions for the branch"? Both are very good questions - about the color first then. The option I consider most likely is some form of olive drab. Olive drab was sometimes used before the war in the Czechoslovak army. Here, we can see it on pre-war Škoda MU-4 tankette:

After the war, the color was widely adopted for the Czechoslovak army tanks of Soviet origin, although the tones do somewhat vary:

9.7 Test 3 Patch Notes

Changes in Version 0.9.7 Public Test 3 vs. Version 0.9.7 Public Test 2.1

- Fixed an issue with switching to an allied vehicle in the Postmortem mode.
- Fixed many issues in the new features of the Team Battle mode.
- Fixed some issues with the new Chat functionality.
- Fixed some issues with the playback of battle replays.
- Fixed some issues with the usage of Combat Reserves.
- Fixed some issues with interface in the Strongholds mode.
- Improved the performance on the Overlord map.
- Fixed some issues with certain objects on the Overlord map.
- Fixed the issues with landscape on the Overlord map.
- Fixed some issues with the visual model of the following vehicles: AMX 30 1er prototype, FV201 (A45), JagdPz. E 100, Somua S35.
- Fixed the issues with the damage model of the IS-4.

Aleksandr Ivanov answers WoT Questions

Hello warriors,

Aleksandr Ivanov, WoT producer, answered a bunch of questions for the players. Here's what he said.

- Developers are considering reworking the skills and perks of driver and other crew-members to fit the new motion physics system, but so far no decision was taken yet because the physics is still in testing phase. This will be revisited after the new motion physics system is ready;
- If new motion physics is introduced, all mechanisms depending on it will be reviewed;
- Developers are not aware of an alleged issue where players spam various messages (bound to the F# keys) in player chat, but the issue will be investigated and if found to be true, developers will think of what to do;
- Developers are planning to periodically release "fun" modes (RG: I Miss Karl);
- Developers are working on a new feature that will "introduce something to the game that was never in the game before" (RG: To boldly go...);
- Another feature planned is the improved customization of tanks (new skins, new inscriptions, new emblems) (RG: Would also enjoy being able to save the ones that were already purchased for the tank);
- It's possible the camo (factor or system) of TD's will be changed but not anytime soon;
- The plans for near future are to improve the armor role in the game;
- After the Super Pershing comes in HD, its parameters compared to the current state should not change.