Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30.06.2015 Q&A

 Here it is

- According to Storm, decreasing terrain resistance by 20 percent has about the same effect on vehicle mobility as if the horsepower of the vehicle was increased by 20 percent;
- Storm answering why developers (when buffing or nerfing) are usually conducted by changing terrain resistance: changing the vehicle engines requires a special kind of conversions in the game engine, making it difficult to do just so without risking potential bugs, terrain resistance is much easier;
- Terrain resistance buff is according to Storm effectively the same as engine horsepower buff;
- Storm regarding a number of bugs in common test: "So the test should be without bugs? What would be its purpose then?"
- Storm reacting on a claim that shadows reduce FPS in WoT too much: "There are no shadows in any game without performance cost. They always reduce FPS. In all games."

I'm done for today and cleared for take off:

Jingles: Interview with Victor Kislyi

Hello Warriors,

this will interest you:

"On the second day of Tankfest at the Bovington Tank museum, the Wargaming.net Community Contributors were invited to pose some questions to Victor Kislyi, Wargamings' Chief Executive Officer. Victor spent an hour answering our questions, and rather than subject you to an entire hour-long video, I'll be posting the entire Q&A session in bite-sized chunks over the next few days."

Have to say that I enjoyed meeting Victor Kislyi. :)

Armored Warfare: Rooikat

Hello Warriors,

check out the AW article about the development and history of the Rooikat, the cat from South Africa: http://aw.my.com/us/rooikat-cat-south-africa

Comparison of FCM 50T and O-I 120

Hello Warriors,

here is the O-I 120 compared to the FCM 50T:

Top of the Tree: Object 140

Hello warriors,

the next Top of the Tree (tier 10 discount) on EU server will be the Object 140.

Other vehicles of the branch on discount are:

50% discount on purchase:

  • BT-2
  • BT-7
  • A-20
  • T-34

30% discount on purchase:

  •  T-34-85
  • T-43
  • T-44
  • T-54
  • Object 140

+ 50% Crew XP bonus for all vehicles included in the special.

These bonuses will be available from 01 July at 07:10 until 15 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

They also included a Object 140 vehicle overview if you feel interested: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/44/top-tree-obj140-2015/

Still want a FV201 (A45)?


Hello Warriors,

like on NA, the RU server will have chance to earn or rent a FV201 (A45) from July 1, 9:00 (GMT) to August 1, 8:30 (GMT) .
The process is pretty much the same as the North American server.

Meanwhile on EU, we get sweet F*** all (someone is rubbing his British expressions on me). Oh wait! We got the TOG II Rental! *smirk*

Before tomatoes get thrown at EU, I have to point out that even though they have some level of independence, they do not have full control of the events, it has been like this for some time. So aim at Minsk.

Armored Warfare: 3rd Early Access Test


Hello Warriors,

just to warn that from tomorrow, July 1st, till July 14th, AW will be performing their third Early Access test.

EU Server:
5pm - 11pm CEST on weekdays
non-stop on weekends  

NA Server:
7pm – 1am ET on weekdays
non-stop on weekends

 Major patch features
  •     Added Tier 8 vehicles to Dealer Trees
  •     Added 'Lowest' setting to graphic options to support more dual core CPUs, as well as some older GPUs
  •     Added further optimizations to improve performance for all players
  •     Decals are now available to add to vehicles
  •     Player versus Environment (PvE) mode: Missions are now available (in easy, medium and hard difficulty)

WoWS: Staff Explains

Hello Warriors,

according to Ev1n , a WoWS EU Staff member, has this to say about the download being available to all:

You’ve probably noticed we have enabled public registrations for World of Warships. To prevent misinterpretation by our community, we’d like to set a few things straight.

  I can now download and play the game. Is this a mistake?
No, it is a planned capacity test, congrats to getting in! If we reach our planned capacity for this test, we will disable registrations again.

So is this Open Beta already? Why there was no announcement?There was no announcement because we’re not in OBT yet, but as you can guess it’s getting closer and closer. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our web resources!

If I buy Doubloon/Premium ship packages in the Premium shop, will I be able to keep them?
Yes, the Premium shop goods you buy from this moment on will carry over to the OBT when it starts, as well as later through the game’s official release.

What about the regular ships? Will there be any more wipes?
No, the latest wipe during the deployment of update 0.4.0 was the last one we had planned, so whatever progress you get now you shall keep.

Can I stream / make videos / post on Forums about the game and its contents?
Yes, the game is not under NDA anymore. If you got in, feel free to enjoy and discuss!

*sigh...* Still don't understand what's the difficulty for not announcing this information on the portal.

World of Warships Open Beta?

 Hello Warriors,

seems like WoWS is now in Open Beta without an announcement, these are the download links:




Installer file size: 12 MB.
Space needed on hard drive for game installation: 19.5 GB.

Mighty Jingles: TankFest 2015

Hello Warriors,

the Mighty Jingles just uploaded his video from our visit to TankFest at The Tank Museum:

"Yeah, Rita's a big fan of the M3... I always knew there was something wrong with her." :P

New World of Papoj

Morning lovely Warriors,

There is a new world of Papoj available, enjoy! :)