Sunday, 6 December 2015

WoT PS4 Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

more WoT PS4 screenshots for you:

9.12 vs 9.13 HD models

Hello Warriors,

FerrariHD is back with this old/new HD vehicle comparisons:


Domination: Steel

Hello Warriors,

decided to take half a day off, get some needed fresh air and went for a pint at a pub while watching TV sports. Didn't expected to say this but, I'm loving the British winter!
From all the countries I've been, England has the best winter, its rainy and dampening all right but as someone who grew up in a area where water is scarce, temperatures can go up to 45C and with some "luck" Sahara desert winds will blow to our direction like a cherry on top of a overcooked dry cake this is a blessed change and its not too humid and not too freezing. Its nice that I don't have to dress like a Chewbacca to fight the cold, a leather jacket (usually my RAF one does fine) and the hat that I initially bought for my Indiana Rita Jones cosplay have been doing a great job at keeping me well tucked.

UK winter 9/10.


there are not many details yet but on test server a resource called "Steel" (desperately trying to not make a lame Duke Nukem pun) has been added to Domination, so far from what I can see we will be able to buy vehicles and Personal reserves from it.