Thursday, 27 August 2015

27.08.2015 Q&A

 Here it is:

- 113 getting any armor changes? "I cannot say anything";
- Storm is unhappy with some Russian bloggers and players twisting his words to cause butthurt and discontent;
- T110E5 armor is screwed! A: "Stop spamming";
- At first WG wanted to model Chieftain Mk.2 but there are none left really, the Bovington one turned out to be Mk.6.

Armored Warfare: Early Access Phase 5

Hello Warriors,

Armored Warfare has announced that the phase 5 of Early Access will take place between September 3rd, 2015 till September 20th, 2015 and it will be open 24h.

Main features and updates

  • Military bases for players
  • New Tutorial Mode (PvE Operation Royalty - players will now have access to our new training mission. In this mission, new players will be able to learn about the different mechanics the game has to offer.)
  • New PvP map - Lost Island
  • Changes to PvE: Two new PvE operations with brand new PvE mission interface, named "minibosses" can now appear on PvE maps, added new "Insane" difficulty level available only on tier 8 vehicles
  • PvE Daily Missions
  • New vehicles - T92, XM1, M41, ERC 90, XM800T, XM8, Leopard 1A5, BMP-1P, Dragoon 300 90
  • New light tank class ability ("Override ECU")
  • Kill camera (an option to see the vehicle that killed you in a cinematic replay)
  • Title system (titles for players, available after meeting certain conditions such as obtaining an achievement)
  • New Rewards for the second half of a vehicle's reputation bar: Players with vehicles that have all their modules unlocked (50%+ reputation unlocked) will be able to earn additional credit bonuses, titles, retrofits and more by playing and earning reputation for that vehicle.
  • Overhaul of the vehicle status interface
  • New UI feature: Environmental camouflage indicator
  • Significant performance update
  • Large number of bug fixes
Preliminary patchnotes.

Feature Preview

Tier 10 Chieftain - Armor, Stats

Hello warriors,

some more info about the Chieftain tier 10 FV215b replacement.


This vehicle was accepted in service in May 1963 and was produced until 1983. 2265 of them were built in total.

Characteristics for 100 percent crew

Tier: 10 HT
Hitpoints: 2000
Engine: 720 hp
Weight: 55 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,09 hp/t
Maximum speed: 42 km/h
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s
Turret traverse: 31,3 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,247/1,918
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 782,1

Hull armor: 85/50/25
Turret armor: 350/140/30

Chieftain on Supertest

Hello warriors,

as predicted, the Chieftain from Supertest is here.

Stats from garage (nominal, for 75 percent crew):

Name: Chieftain Mk.6
Tier: 10
Hitpoints: 2000
Engine horsepower: 720hp
Maximum speed: 42 km/h
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s
Turret traverse: 30 deg/s

Hull armor: 85/50/25
Turret armor: 350/140/30

Gun: 120mm
Penetration: 270/310/140 (APDS/APDS/HESH)
Damage: 400/400/515
Rate of fire: 7,14
DPM: 2856

Viewrange: 390
Radiorange: 750

Calling All Leakers: Chieftain is Here

Hello warriors,

last night, the Chieftain in HD was introduced to the supertest. Strangely enough nobody leaked it yet, very unusual. It would be nice if someone did.

Here's a catch: the Chieftain is introduced as a tier 10 PREMIUM (as in, CW event tank). Don't worry, it's not intentional - the developers (due to some internal client issues) decided to test is a premium  but it WILL be a regular tank (the FV215b replacement). So no panic.

Type 59 G in HD

Thank you Louie X.

Hear ye Warriors!

Behold the tackiest tank! The HD version of Gold Type 59, a Chinese market-only vehicle!

New Ranzar Video

Hello Warriors,

there is a new Ranzar video, Operation "Mousy":