Monday, 24 August 2015

24.08.2015 Q&A

- the premium vehicle spam is over and next 11 vehicles to come to supertest should be regular ones (the Czechoslovaks + one more).
- VK3001H in the game has split transmission and engine, hitting transmission no longer makes it catch on fire
- in test 2, Japanese heavies got a massive module HP buff (+45 percent), now the module hitpoints of top tier Japanese tanks corresponds to those of Maus and E-100
- 9.10 test 2 Japanese HT stats are final

Replay Fix for Weekend Micropatch


Thanks go to Carramba66 for this one!

Hello warriors,

many players reported over the weekend that the micropatch that was applied screwed up the replays in World of Tanks. This bug manifests itself WoT opening up whenever you doubleclick the replay but then nothing happens. The issue is caused by wrong replay path defined in new WoT XML files from the micropatch. Before a fix is issued, you can:

- make a worldoftanks.exe shortcut on your desktop and then pull the replay file over it to play it
- or you can move the replay file to the same folder where worldoftanks.exe is (it will work)
- or you can rewrite paths.xml with this fixed file WG prepared

Hopefully this helps.

Wargaming Office Photos


Hello warriors,

ever wondered what it looks like in the modern Wargaming office in Minsk? What things the WG employees there can enjoy? Dmitry Balakirev, a Russian blogger, visited the Minsk office and was interested in the office itself as well as recreational facilities for Wargaming staff. Here are the photos he took...

New "E-Sports" Camo coming?

Hello warriors,

during a recent WGL League match between teams NA`VI and HELLRAISERS, Wargaming was actually asking players whether they would like to see unique team camouflages widely distributed to more players than just the two teams. What do you think?

CZ Tree Part 4 - ST Vz.39

Author: SilentStalker

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Hello everyone,

tonight can't sleep, just finished working on one Armored Warfare article for next week and I'm thinking - let's just continue the series. Who knows when I will have time to continue.

Right, tier 4 - ST Vz.39. Now we are getting into the medium tank. First, a little bit of history so we know what we are talking about.

The V-8-H was the first completely independent construction of ČKD Praga. It was the result of the experience, gained by ČKD during the Šp-IIb cooperation in the mid 30's (a prototype of Šp-IIb was built in 1937). Škoda, however, being the main competitor of ČKD wasn't really that much interested in cooperation and pushed its resources into what would become the T-2X line of vehicles (specifically the T-21 medium tank). Seeing that didn't make ČKD too happy and a decision was made to make an independent medium tank as a competititor to the upcoming T-21 vehicle. The result was the V-8-H (the factory designation means V-8 engine, H - tracked) and it did inherit the best parts and experience of the Šp-IIb. Unfortunately, it did inherit some of its flaws too (namely an unreliable engine and weak final drive).