Thursday, 14 May 2015

0.9.8 test 2 patch notes

- Added support for Platoons and Tank Companies for the Domination event
- Allotted a separate transmission in the damage model of the Fury
- Reworked destruction effects for some environmental objects
- Improved the Garage interface for Personal Missions
- Added automatic starting of the next Personal Mission when the current one is completed
- Added a restriction on creation of Battles for Stronghold during certain time periods

Fixed Issues:

- Many issues with Domination event
- Unevenness in map rotation for battles in the Domination event
- Some issues with visual models of IS-3, Т32, 121B, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, Tiger I, Leopard 1,  Pershing, Kanonenjagdpanzer
- Some issues with damage models of IS-3, IS-3 autoloader
- Bases in Attack/Defense on the Himmelsdorf map
- Some visual issues on the updated Westfield and Karelia maps
- Visual and damage models of some environmental objects
- Hang-up of the Battle Results screen when completing Personal Missions
- Some issues with Personal Missions and Personal Reservers
- Tank Company hang-ups when awaiting battle
- Flickering of vehicle track marks in some cases
- Calculation of penalties and Credit compensations for damaging allies
- Rare issue with the inability to enter a battle in a Platoon again in a vehicle that fought in the previous battle
- Display of the red aiming line when aiming over a vehicle in Artillery mode
- Color of Platoon members' indicators in battle and on the minimap in a Dynamic Platoon
- Inability to leave a Dynamic Platoon after player has left the battle
- Some gameplay and interface issues in the Stronghold mode
- Stretched-out font displayed in the majority of tooltips on the Awards tab
- Some minor issues with interface

T-28E with 85mm F-30

Hello warriors,

this is the new upcoming tier 4 Soviet premium, T-28E with 85mm F-30 (the name of the gun is really in the vehicle name).


The T-28 tank with 85mm F-30 gun was built in 1941. One prototype was made and it went through military trials. It was different from the mass-produced variant only by its gun. There are no data about the production or combat use of this particular model.

Tier: 4 MT
Hitpoints: 380
Engine: 500 hp
Weight: 33 tons
Power-to-weight: 15,15 hp/t
Maximum speed: 35/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 36 deg/s
Turret traverse: 41,7 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,438/2,397
Viewrange: 350
Radio range: 312,9

14.05.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- There is a bug in fist 0.9.8 test when in arty mode upon mouseover the enemy vehicles no longer light up in red - it will be fixed in test 2;
- Developers will not disclose what are the exact plans for the Domination mode;
- "Domination" mode to appear in WGL? Storm: "The mode is not here yet and you are already thinking such stuff."

Storm confirms: no rules that influence the profitability of premium tanks have been changed.
Player: "How come IS-6 made more credits in 2013 than it does now?"
Storm: "It makes the same amount of money."

- There are no plans to change premium vehicle profitability because there is nothing wrong with it;
- There is no final solution as to what to do with gold ammo. Storm is aware of the issue that if they nerf regular gun penetration, it will make more people fire with gold ammo;
- It is not known when new version of WoT sound engine will come (not anytime soon);
- Developers are investigating alleged appearance of ghost shells in 9.7 and 9.8 ("we are investigating the issue, I cannot say anything more for now");
- Storm cannot disclose anything about the appearance of Chieftain in the game - the developers want to introduce it this year "but no promises";
- 9.8 will not bring smoke effect optimization;
- Render range overhaul will not come in 9.8;
- Storm confirms: Schmalturm Panzer IV and RAM 2 are being removed from sales due to their low popularity.

And the daily:

Vietnam museum photos Part 2

Another gentleman, Hoàng K. (Thank you sir!) sent photos of his visit to the Vietnam military history museum in Hanoi to add to the collection:

Armored Warfare: Modern Polish vehicles

Armored Warfare just posted an article continuation of their Polish week.

This time, we are given a brief introduction to some of the dozens of designs (from modifications of Soviet vehicles to entirely new projects) produced by the Polish:

Some of these vehicles may appear in-game.

Storm's Q&A

Hello warriors,

here's some more info from Storm.

- there are no plans to put the Domination mode as one of the "standard" modes (assault, encounter) - the plans for it are "completely different"
- Storm confirms that the Domination mode will have more tests of various gameplay variants (changed flags and bases)
- Storm states that the feature from WoWs and WoWp where by pressing Alt key you see the distance to each target will not be implemented to WoT for now
- WZ-111's credit coefficient is fine (some player was concerned that it earns too little)
- during the Warsaw WGL finals, Viktor Kislyi promised that big news would be revealed in two months. Storm states that he has no idea what he meant.
- Storm states that there were ideas how to improve the endgame (tier 10) by further grind but he will tell no details for now (a player mentioned a variant for example for a million XP gained with a tier 10 tank - unique camo or decal)
- the Japanese Tiger description in Russian is apparently wrong, it will be fixed
- some players are complaining that on Russian social networks, Wargaming was advertising "excellent graphics" of World of Tanks with this picture, which is clearly a doctored ingame IS-3 screenshot with the background not being from the game but a picture made by an artists. Storm confirms this theory but says he has nothing to do with marketing, he just develops tanks.
- AMX 50 100 and Mäuschen didn't come out in 0.9.8 because WG did not succeed in putting them into the patch. They will come in 0.9.9.
- 0.9.8 will not bring any FPS boost
- Storm (angrily) replies yet again that the penetration nerfs on supertest are all tests and experiments, too early to talk about finalized version
- second British medium branch with Vickers tanks is not considered
- Storm states that the issue in 0.9.7 where you have to press the Tab key twice to switch between chat window is caused by mods, WG checked

0.9.8 Test 2 Coming Today

Hello warriors,

0.9.8 Test 2 is coming today. It will feature another reworked version of the Domination mode as well as other changes.

Stay tuned!