Thursday, 14 May 2015

0.9.8 test 2 patch notes

- Added support for Platoons and Tank Companies for the Domination event
- Allotted a separate transmission in the damage model of the Fury
- Reworked destruction effects for some environmental objects
- Improved the Garage interface for Personal Missions
- Added automatic starting of the next Personal Mission when the current one is completed
- Added a restriction on creation of Battles for Stronghold during certain time periods

Fixed Issues:

- Many issues with Domination event
- Unevenness in map rotation for battles in the Domination event
- Some issues with visual models of IS-3, ΠΆ32, 121B, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, Tiger I, Leopard 1,  Pershing, Kanonenjagdpanzer
- Some issues with damage models of IS-3, IS-3 autoloader
- Bases in Attack/Defense on the Himmelsdorf map
- Some visual issues on the updated Westfield and Karelia maps
- Visual and damage models of some environmental objects
- Hang-up of the Battle Results screen when completing Personal Missions
- Some issues with Personal Missions and Personal Reservers
- Tank Company hang-ups when awaiting battle
- Flickering of vehicle track marks in some cases
- Calculation of penalties and Credit compensations for damaging allies
- Rare issue with the inability to enter a battle in a Platoon again in a vehicle that fought in the previous battle
- Display of the red aiming line when aiming over a vehicle in Artillery mode
- Color of Platoon members' indicators in battle and on the minimap in a Dynamic Platoon
- Inability to leave a Dynamic Platoon after player has left the battle
- Some gameplay and interface issues in the Stronghold mode
- Stretched-out font displayed in the majority of tooltips on the Awards tab
- Some minor issues with interface