Wednesday, 10 June 2015

10.06.2015 Q&A

A nasty butthurt is going around the Russian World of Warplanes community. The developers of World of Warplanes are located in Ukraine and several (about a dozen) of their members posted anti-Russian stuff on their social networks (including a photography of a tank barrel that says KILL RUSSIANS or something like that) - most of it is however very mild. Russians started shitting bricks and whining on Livejournal. There is no official Wargaming reaction to the incident.

- Regarding the fight with illegal mods, according to Storm there is no reliable way of making the client not run when its files were edited;
- Storm comments that other games such as Armored Warfare and War Thunder have no need to fight banned mods because they have so low online numbers that nobody gives a crap about doing banned mods for them anyway but large projects (such as World of Tanks) already present a viable market for malicious mod makers who sell their creations to many players and make money off it;
- Regarding the appearance of Skoda T 40 - Q: "Silentstalker, are you happy (it's here)?" A (Yuri Pasholok): "Generally speaking Frank built that tree himself. "Eurowargaming..." "

And the daily, real life Halo Warthog visits joint base Lewis McChord:

10.06.2015 Stream (Ended)

Work almost done for today,

Q&A is its on his way, but meanwhile will be streaming (multitasking for the win!).

For today, as usual after a Viewer platoon will be running a Sub platoon!

191 Tanks and EU/NA accounts:

Make it so!

How well Wargaming support works

Hello warriors, I will just leave this here. It started with...

After the battle...

and the result of support inquiry?

So yes, mass-reporting a player for unsportsmanlike behavior works.

Czechoslovaks are coming

First Czechoslovak branch tank in the game - Škoda T 40. Armed with 88mm gun.

Suicide bombers blow themselves up

This is probably gonna be one of the few times that I will be going a tad off topic in the blog but really felt like sharing this,

near Khayam Chowk in Sargodha, Pakistan's Punjab, two would-be suicide bombers that were sitting together on a bench engaged in a discussion and blown themselves up after an improvised explosive device got triggered while they fought each other.

Rescue workers removing the bodies from the site.
The Sargodha district police office suggested divine intervention may have saved the city from a big loss.

I find this video suitable as a response to the incident:


New HD Tanks: M4A1 Revalorisé, Churchill VII and T110E3

Hello warriors,

here are the new HD renders:

M4A1 Revalorisé

"Artillery" BT-7 Screenshots Part 2

Hello Warriors,

should have checked my email sooner, Dimo M. (Thank you sir!) shared more screenshots of the BT-7 Artillery, so here you have it:

Domination Points Bug

Hello Warriors,

One of you, Vernyik B. emailed me with a very interesting bug, gonna quote his words:

"My teammates managed to get the flag in the circle 5-6 sec before the end of the game, aparently that time wasn't enough for the in-game point calculator but in the endgame stats its added to our points. So the awkward situation is, that we have more points, than the enemy but its still a battle lost. GG WG... again.."

Got the curiosity to do a fast search on my email on Domination mode bugs and apparently there is plenty more people sharing the same bug, like Gigawot case:

Thank you guys.

Wargaming's New Building

Hello Warriors,

remember the energy efficient building that Wargaming is constructing in Cyprus? Its now nearly finished, this are some of its recent photos:

The rise of the KV-1

Hello Warriors,

check out this video where a team of lads goes on a recovery mission for a forgotten KV-1 in the river Don, English subtitles available:

Really love when Wargaming uploads material like this.

"Artillery" BT-7 Screenshots

Morning warriors,

here are some screenshots of the "Artillery" BT-7 from supertest: