Tuesday, 25 August 2015

CZ Tree Part 5 - T-24 (also: "WG modelling")

Author: SilentStalker

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Hello everyone,

long working day, too much coffee... what does it mean? That's right, another piece of the Czechoslovak series. This time about the tier 5 - the T-24. There was a lot of fun with this one as well.

So, this is how the T-24 is supposed to look. And yes, there's a story hidden behind the "supposed to".

25.08.2015 Q&A

- Q: "Why can't you buff 113?!" A (balance developer): "If we buffed it then Maus would be the worst again..."
- Q: "Storm, what was that about the 113 the balance dev said?" A: "Balance devs have their own sense of humor..."
- Storm is considering stopping replying on any questions and only collecting feedback from now on because he is personally fed up with how his words are twisted by players
- more "development future" videos will likely not be produced because when WG then fails to deliver (like the notoriously delayed Havok), players only use it for negative propaganda and whining

Top player issues according to Storm in order of importance

1) matchmaker and ending up on the same maps over and over again
2) artillery (complex questions)
3) maps (complex questions)
4) role of armor in WoT

- Storm states that in the past the maps were just as "corridory" as they are now
- it will not be possible to tip light tanks over on their roof by large caliber shell explosions but you can do that by ramming or by driving across bad terrain

Berlin Map Art and Video

Hello warriors,

the Berlin map could appear in the game in 0.9.11.

"Virtually Inside Tanks" - T-34-76

Hello warriors,

WG brought us a new "Virtually Inside Tanks" video - this time with a T-34 from the Stalin Line museum in Belarus. Granted, it's not exactly "inside" (the camera is on the tank) but the engine sound is amazing.

Berlin Map Overhaul

Hello warriors,

the previously leaked map Berlin was updated on supertest - it looks currently like this:

9.10 Test 3

Hello warriors,

yesterday an update came to the 9.10 test with following changes.

Iteration 3

  • Fixed hang of the reticle when entering Sniper mode
  • Fixed minor issues with interface
  • Fixed new client hangs/crashes
  • Fixed new issues in new shadow display technique in Improved graphics
  • Optimized client on some PC configurations
  • Fixed the color and scale of the winter Clan camouflage on some vehicles