Tuesday, 14 April 2015

14.04.2015 Q&A

Evilly confirms: in 9.8, current platoon individual missions missions will be soloable (the same conditions as for platoons but if you are good enough, you can solo them). Missions that are RNG dependent will be reduced as well, the only one that will stay will be the one where you have to set enemy tanks on fire. Other missions will be simplified.

- IS-3, Pershing and AMX-50/100  will not come in HD in 9.7 despite the fact that the patch will come out after WGL finals;
- The fact that you can't complete the following individual mission without receiving the reward for the previous one is intentional, not a bug;
- Storm will not buy or play GTA5: "I don't play games where I am the bad guy. Seriously."
- Chris Taylor is hard at work on "something" for Wargaming - no details;
- Smoothbore guns and modern tanks in WoT? Storm: "I cannot answer that. For obvious reasons."
- Storm confirms that the upcoming renders of HD tanks for PR purposes will use the same texture quality as in the game;
- Super Pershing 90mm gun will not get a penetration buff;
- Super Pershing in HD will come in 9.8;
- The list of individual mission changes will be published around the time of 9.8 supertest;
- The individual mission overhaul in 9.8 will include various fixes as well, not just changes.

Replacing the U-11 on KV-2


Author: Vecher (RU server)

Hello warriors,

this post was inspired by Vecher, who proposed an interesting thing. As you perhaps know, several vehicles in the game are equipped with unhistorical guns. One of them is the KV-2 and its 122mm U-11 howitzer. This gun was never mounted on the vehicle as it was only developed after most KV-2's were destroyed, captured or phased out (in early 1942). Furthermore, KV-2 turret was specifically developed to hold the 152mm gun, putting a smaller gun in it makes no real sense. The U-11 gun was later on used on the KV tank, yes, but that was the KV-1 turret (such modified, the vehicle was called KV-9).

What Vecher proposes is to get rid of the unhistorical gun by replacing it with something else. This is however not the plan of Wargaming as Storm specifically confirmed that in HD, KV-2 would have the same guns as it has now. The reason why the U-11 was introduced in first place is actually quite old - veterans might remember that in World of Tanks, KV-1 and KV-2 used to be one tank (on tier 5) - yes, the 152mm KV-2 used to be tier 5 and yes, it was exactly as OP as you think it was. The U-11 was one of the alternative guns for the KV-1 turret, that used to be the stock turret of the vehicle (elite turret was KV-2). When the vehicle was split, the developers (unwilling to change anything) simply took the U-11 gun over for the KV-2 (in the old KV, the gun was usable in both stock and elite turret).

The solution would be to replace the 122mm U-11 with the 152mm model 1909/1930 (very short 152mm gun). This is how it looks:

Armored Warfare: The Sheridan Story Part 2

At Armored Warfare, the part 2 of the Sheridan Story is now available:


For those unaware, Sheridan is a light tank and the latest addition to the game.

Part 1 if you haven't read.

Tiger 131 in WoT?

Hello warriors,

rumours on Russian server and amongst the supertesters appeared that the famous Tiger 131 might appear in World of Tanks as a premium vehicle. For those who do not know - it's the (functional) Bovington Tiger that was used in the filming of the "Fury" movie. It actually fought against the Allies in Africa, where it was captured (after its turret ring jammed and the crew abandoned it) and moved to Britain. Its color is dark yellow ("dunkelgelb") but other than that, it's a "stock" Tiger I.