Thursday, 2 April 2015

02.04.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Developers could technically add pretty small object destruction based on Havok (like fences, smaller objects as such, not buildings), but the problem is that after the introduction of this feature, people would immediately whine that buildings are not destructible. That is why the developers want to introduce the realistic destruction all at once;
- Its possible that we won't have to wait too long for multicore support but there is no clear ETA yet;
- The modding system in WoT is too clunky - is that a problem? Storm: "We are not dealing with that. We are currently overloaded a lot by the development of new features, we don't have time for that :(";
- It was not yet decided whether the players will be able to hide their statistics;
- The dynamic UI resize is apparently not working on the 9.7 test, it will be fixed;
- Roaming was basically shelved indefinitely;
- Regarding the second heavy tank French heavy tank, it doesn't look very well, the developers have not yet decided whether it's something the game needs as the candidates for it all have paper armor;
- Same goes for potential Soviet "Waffentrager" line (SU-152P and such, ending with SU-152 "Taran") - powerful guns and no armor are perhaps not what the game needs;
- Regarding the implementation of modern tanks in WoT, Storm states that better solution would be to make an entirely separate project with different mechanics (ATGM and such);
- Tetrarch's gun was not nerfed;
- Artillery fire support before the battle starts on some maps will remain (RG: Pitty);
- The blocking of the "Windows" key (that minimizes the game) will be implemented the same way it is in WoWp now;
- Font size in hangar will be made bigger;
- Spall liner does not work like additional armor layer;
- Fury and Hellcat transmission will be reworked in order not to burn (when it's done it's done);
- Erlenberg assault mode is okay statistically - there is a difference, but it's less than 5 percent, so for now it will not be reworked;
- No individual mission related plans to matchmaker are planned;
- The Jagdmaus was considered but the developers forgot about it;
- Storm confirms that there are plans for some new random modes;
- Battles with a single tier 10 on each side and the rest of the team consisting of tier 8's only are not a bug according to Storm, they can happen.

WoT Blitz. KTTS 1.8

World of Tanks Blitz just uploaded a new youtube video about the 1.8 patch, they talk mainly about the added missions, tutorial and registration system improvement. There are English subtitles available.

Q&A with Storm and others

According to the Insider, some developers in Wargaming felt like the modern tanks April 1st joke backfired on Wargaming, as it gave indirectly free press to Armored Warfare and some developers raged about that in internal communication. Sources from Armored Warfare confirm hightened interest in their site.

- 9.8 will not bring LT buff;
- Storm does not play WoWs;
- HD IS-3 in 9.8 will be the regular one, not the leaked one with the autoloader;
- Individual mission tanks do not count as premium tanks for the purpose of buffs and nerfs, they can be buffed and nerfed;
- The state of random battles after the IM introduction is generally satisfactory for the developers;
- In 9.8, more than one third of individual missions will be changed (RG: So excited for this);
- Storm does not know whether CW mechanics will be changed in next two years;
- Developers are planning female crewmember voiceover (RG: No more tanker Conchitas boys!
- It's completely possible that tracks hanging on the hull will be used as a balance parameter to change armor. For example, if developers think that a vehicle should have more armor than it is its historical, they will model tracks hanging on the hull in HD and make the zones with the tracks thicker, like they did with the IS-4;
- Developers will not remove a whole bunch of maps from the game at once, they will do it slowly one at a time. Developers also considered the solution of reducing the probability to appear of maps that are not liked by players but they are afraid that when some players end up playing the "bad" maps multiple times in a row (the probability of which is non-zero), they'll come whining;
- It's possible that some tanks that are very uncomfortable to play will be rebalanced to make their gameplay more comfortable;
- The accuracy nerf in 9.6 turned out to be very justified according to Storm, no arty accuracy buffs are planned;
- In last two years, the fines for teamkill and teamdamage became two times stricter;
- There is a server "quota" of battles set aside for the purposes of assault and encounter modes (basically, the number of battles that have to be played in assault or encounter is hard-code reserved);
- No plans to create separate leagues in random battles;
- Developers are planning to have a look on some higher tier vehicles soon and decide whether to buff them or not;
- SU-76I will not return to shops;
- There are no plans to "reduce the suffering" of tier 4-8 tanks in hightier battles (as in, no MM reduction is planned);
- Multiturret mechanism and T-35 will come in very, very distant future;
- The three caliber rule will not be removed;
- Wargaming considers their HD tanks to be better looking than the ones in War Thunder (RG: Our own kids always look better than the others);
- The only way skill MM is coming is in cybersports in 9.7;
- Developers are working on multicore support;
- 9.7 will bring dynamic interface resize.

Tank fashion

Thank you Gusztav C. for emailing me this!

Do you wish to become a pariah among your tank connoisseur friends and tank events? Well, then this is for you! Check out this very questionable fashionable t-shirt:

Don't think I need to point out anything...

In one of the reviews a lady wrote "Very good quality! The t-shirt's neck is very flexible! I'm very satisfied! It (xxxl) fits for my husband perfectly..." Guess there is a divorce on the rise.


Armored Warfare Dev diary: Ammo Type

Check out this Armored Warfare Dev diary video about the modern ammunition types that will be used in the game, quite interesting:

WoT April's Wallpaper

This month wallpaper from World of Tanks is featuring the gorgeous AMX 30 B, the new French tier 10:

For those interested, there are more resolution options here: