Tuesday, 31 March 2015

31.03.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- On supertest, IS-3 with autoloader previously was just a regular IS-3 with higher rate of fire. Now, it received a real autoloader for 4 shells with 9 seconds between each shell and 20 second autoloader reload;
- Render range will change from square to circle either in 9.8 or in 9.9;
- Tracks on armor will not be from now on modeled as zones of spaced armor, but as zones where the regular hull armor is simply thicker;
- Tank models that already exist in HD will have their collision models reworked to incorporate the tracks hanging on hulls slowly in following patches;
- IS-6 is very popular, there are no buffs planned for it;
- IS-3 with autoloader a special tank or some sort of reward? "For now, no comment. Will be published later."

Second April Tier 10 Discount - Batchat Arty

Hello warriors,

as per the Russian server, the second tier 10 vehicle on discount on the EU server (since it's now unified with RU) will be the Batchat French artillery branch.

Overlord Panoramic Overview

Now this is really cool, Wargaming just posted on their portal the panoramic view of the new map Overlord, really hope they start doing it with every new map so those who are lazy or have very limited internet can verify it without having to download the test server.

Tank driver dodges hit

Check out this T-55 rebel Syrian driver dodging a hit and possibly saving the entire tank crew (not sure about the commander):

The Storm Trooper in me cant stop thinking: Rebel Scum!