Wednesday, 21 October 2015

21/10/2015 Stream (ended)

Hello Warriors,

its time for my scheduled stream.

Today will be doing my usual warm up and platoon with the "RITA" clan in World of Tanks.

As usual, 200 tank and EU:

Mr. Data bring a bottle from the replicator!

21/10/2015 Q&A

Oh boy... can already hear a horde of enraged players marching into the WG Misnk office over the Chieftain.

- The next round of the 10.0 testing will likely come this week
- Storm confirms: the fate of the Chieftain was already decided. Chieftain will not appear anytime soon, neither in 10.0 nor in 10.1. WG will announce what will happen to it when the time to implement it comes near.
- The Panzer 58 will not be able to shoot with the secondary 20mm autocannon
- According to statistics, the winrate of HD T110E5 skyrocketed on RU server from 49 percent to 52,6 percent, it's possible it will be nerfed, developers will have a look at it
- Storm confirms: the "leaked" Chinese and Japanese TD branches are fake, they will not be implemented (RG: What did I told you...)
- T-22 sr. won't have premium status

Second Day at Junipers Leisure

Hello Warriors,

made public the video of my second day at Juniper Leisure (First Day):

Maintenance work in a Chieftain? Check. APC nipples (yes, nipples) greased? Check. Camera came with me while I was driving? Check.

Had to be there by 6-7 am and performed the first parade and ready up the vehicles before the public arrival. Made sure Oil and Water levels were okay in the FV432, manually lifted the Abbot gun and just generally helped around when it was necessary and without being asked, just trying to fit in and not expecting any sort of special treatment as it was requested initially.

Didn't drive the Chieftain like I said that would, it was a busy day and to be honest got the best end of the bargain, Robbie took me over to do maintenance in one of the Chieftains instead, which in my opinion is way more valuable and enriching.

Although he is kinda of a shy and calm man, he does have a sense of humour and asked me, with a smirk on his face, to manually turn the Chieftain turret in order to get engine bay access. I absolutely complied but wasn't counting on how slow it turns and how much strength it required, at one point a muscle of my right arm completely gave up and froze, I had to slap it back to operations and at the  end, I was so warm and sweating that desperately took off my overalls in the comfort and privacy of the tank! Still, I'm not a wussie and offered to turn it back into place once we were done! As usual Robbie kept on explaining every bit of what he was working on and answered my questions.

It was nice to have Ed Francis who works for The Tank Museum at last minute deciding to come to Juniper Leisure to give me company and do camera work.  At one point I was so immersed in the vehicles that I started worrying that he'd gotten bored but I was given the chance to drive the FV432 with Ed as a passenger, another huge trust given by the staff, he definitely seemed to be enjoying himself in the commanders hatch! :)

Also check out what Ed Francis & The Tank Museum gifted me:

Precious "light studying"...

Things went very well but still have to go back to Juniper Leisure one more time to get my "instructor blacks". Enjoyed it so much that on the way back home couldn't stop feeling depressed and wasn't able to contain my sad kitty eyes when saying goodbye to Nigel, my instructor.

So yeah.. this is what your Rita does on her free time.

New Ranzar

Hello Warriors,

new Ranzar video:
Enjoy! :)

Christie Tanks Part 1

Author: Vollketten
With help from CaptainNemo

Those of you with long memories may recall that WoT once showed a US tech tree  with Christie tanks on it. On that tree there was the M.1919, and M.1921 at tier 2, the M.1931 and M.1932 at tier 3 and the M.1935 at Tier 4.
Since then not a lot has changed but I have gathered together as many of the sources reputable and otherwise on the subject to give a run down for people as to the totality as far as possible of the vehicle options we have.

Part 1 – Tanks
Part 2 – Guns and sources

WW1: Trials on the Ford 3-Ton M1918 Light Tank

Hello Warriors,

Decided to share this video of the Ford 3-Ton M1918 Light Tank trials in Highland Park, Michigan, U.S.A.(1918). Its a silent video but you can always add Benny Hill or "They see me rolling" to the background. :)

"During World War I, American forces in France used either French light tanks or British heavy tanks.
In 1918, Ford copied the design of the French Renault FT-17 to create an American two-man tank, the Ford 3 Ton Tank.
Although it was called a tank, it was really a machine gun carrier.
The Ford 3 Ton Tank was the smallest and least expensive tank built in the United States. It had two Model T Ford engines that together produced 45 horsepower."

15 were made and 2 still exist.

Tiger II Changes

Hello Warriors,

as things have been oddly quiet last days, I'm keeping on making screenshots and Gif. of the major tank changes for the next patch. This time, Tiger II:

Let's recapitulate what was posted previously:
- UFP is now at 51° instead of 50°.
- LFP is 50° instead of 48°.
- The very top part of the LFP is now 150mm too.
- Side hull is now sloped at 25° instead of 26°-27°.
- Rear hull is sloped at 30° instead of 26°.
- Extra sloped parts on the UFP for the periscopes to look over are now slightly smaller.
- Stock turret cupola is now 100mm at best with the sloped part being 60mm instead of it being a 150mm hunk.
- The bump on the turret side for the cupola on the stock turret is now 90mm instead of 80mm.
- Front of stock turret ring is 100mm now instead of 80mm.
- Random 140mm part on the top turret's side near the turret ring is gone, though a lot of areas on the side are now 100mm thick from spare tracks.
- The armor behind the mantlet now looks like a ball, with an overall smaller area being a 0 armor hole.

3D Model