Wednesday, 21 October 2015

WW1: Trials on the Ford 3-Ton M1918 Light Tank

Hello Warriors,

Decided to share this video of the Ford 3-Ton M1918 Light Tank trials in Highland Park, Michigan, U.S.A.(1918). Its a silent video but you can always add Benny Hill or "They see me rolling" to the background. :)

"During World War I, American forces in France used either French light tanks or British heavy tanks.
In 1918, Ford copied the design of the French Renault FT-17 to create an American two-man tank, the Ford 3 Ton Tank.
Although it was called a tank, it was really a machine gun carrier.
The Ford 3 Ton Tank was the smallest and least expensive tank built in the United States. It had two Model T Ford engines that together produced 45 horsepower."

15 were made and 2 still exist.

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