Sunday, 7 June 2015

07.06.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Regarding the Domination mode, passing the flag to an ally was considered but Storm states it's a very controversial feature as it increases toxicity ("give the flag here, bitch!");
- The solution about the Domination tanks in hangar is temporary (it will be changed);
- There is no HD map on PC yet because developers "worked on the technology for a very long time";
- Xbox One tanks have many HD models and PC tanks don't because "they have different model quality requirements";
- Storm doesn't know whether HD trees on HD maps will sway in the breeze;
- Storm doesn't know whether the Xbox One explosion effects will come to PC;
- New gun sounds: "when it's done it's done".

And the daily, new WoWS premium ship?

Context: "Korean students make a raft out of potato chip bags to prove they have too much air in them"

What is Lowe...

Hello warriors,

the Russian server has this really nice event where players get to rent a Lowe for three days. Naturally, this caused a shitload of Lowes to appear in hightier battles and inspired the following video...

The text under the Lowes dancing with the (IS-6?) turret says... "ricochet", "didn't penetrate", "hit" etc.

Personal discounts for premium on RU

Hello warriors,

Russian server started deploying personal discounts for premium account that were implemented in patch 9.8. This mechanism introduces discounts for premium account that are not available to everyone and are activated under certain circumstances.

The entire program is apparently aimed at newbies. In this case, the "rewarded" event was the unlocking of the first tier 3 vehicle of that player, for which he received a discount of 100 percent (yes, 100 percent) for three days premium account.