Saturday, 12 September 2015

World of Tanks on PlayStation

Hello Warriors,

Serb has confirmed that World of Tanks will be released on PlayStation, there is no estimated date but sources indicate that will happen next year.
PlayStation is the only niche that WoT hasn't been implemented yet, this was expected to happen.

Tanks vs 'terrorists'

Hello Warriors,

check out this video of the Tanks vs 'terrorists' military demo exercise that took place in the Russian Arms Expo:

Love the moment at 34:50min.

And if you don't have time to watch it all there is a 1min mashup:

New Motion Physics

Hello Warriors,

The public test server of the game physics is now open and will stay until September 16.

For those who haven't been following the recent news, the new physics will make the motion and interaction behavior of tanks and objects in the game more realistic and varied.

This is what you can expect:


- Increased mobility of light and medium tanks: LT and MTs become more agile by reducing the rate of loss in overcoming various irregularities (bumps, rails, etc.).- "Jumping" technology: Using the terrain, the tank will be able to make sick jumps.

- The ability to adjust the turning radius: By blocking one of the tracks during the movement by pressing the space bar, it will be possible to reduce the turning radius

-  New ramming feature: It will be possible to flip a smaller enemy tank

- Shooting with a swing: It will be possible to get better gun depression due to using the brakes at speed and taking advantage of the weight of the tank shifting forwards onto the suspension before coming to a halt.

- Interaction with the surface: You will see a graphical effect of slip and skid


Artillery Rebalance Details

Hello warriors,

Russian players met with Storm in the Stalin Line museum (Belarus) to celebrate the Russian Tanker Day. There, Storm announced some of the things that will be tested for the artillery rebalance. Unsurprisingly, many are copied from Armored Warfare. These rebalance features include:

- Turning artillery into a debuff class by seriously decreasing its damage, but giving it the ability to suppress crew (reduce the crew effectiveness) while increasing its accuracy. This suppression will be rewarded by XP.

- Illumination shells for artillery (spotting in certain area)
- Changing the point of view to the one the "arty mod" (Battle Assistant) and Armored Warfare use
- Artillery warning (for players who are being fired on by arty)

This is not definitive but will be tested.

Tier 11-12 tanks in World of Tanks?

Hello warriors,

this could be a hoax but according to SerB, a special mode will come with tier 11 and 12 tanks. Probably some sort of fun event but it could be interesting.