Monday, 28 September 2015

Extra 10.0 Armor Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

things are going very slowly here as my PC is giving its last breath. New one will arrive on Thursday and I should be able to hijack Jingles PC while he is gone attending some WoWS stuff.
Sick twice and now this, September hasn't been kind, extremely frustrated but still doing my best, for you. Thank you for the support you gave me last week by the way!

Anyways, have some extra screenshots from the IS-8 (T-10) upcoming armor changes (before/after):

28.9.2015 Q&A

Not much going on today - just that patch 10.0 (former 9.11) will according to supertester leakers be delayed due to a large number of bugs found in it. There is no current ETA on that.

Also, in random news, Wargaming started negotiations with Gazprom Media, a powerful holding on very good terms with current Russian leadership and the owner of several media platforms.

10.0 Armor Changes

Hello Warriors,

"TheMostComfortableTanker" from wotlabs made a nearly complete list of the armor changes for the 9.10 patch, RNG blessings to him.



- Turret ring is 100mm thick now (120mm at the front) with 40mm of spaced armor around it.  

- UFP is 120mm thick now and MG and driver window weakspots are gone.  
- Track armor is no longer a solid blob and sticks true to where the wheels and tracks are.  
- Random 30mm spot on the roof for the driver's hatch went bye-bye.
- LFP buffed from 25° to 30°, UFP nerfed from 32° to 30°.
- Mantlet and gun don't quite cover as much as they did prior.


- Beak between the autobounce plate and the LFP is now 110mm on the LFP and 65mm on the autobounce plate.  Was 115mm on both before. 
- Driver and MG weakspots removed, but the 60mm part on the rear hull is now 50mm.
- UFP nerfed from 31° to 30°, LFP buffed from 21° to 30°. 
- 30mm zone for engine deck now covers more, ended about when it's under the very rear of the turret.

- Mantlet shape is more flat for the 85mm and there is less overlap between the mantlet and turret armor.  

- MG weakspot on the rear of the turret is removed on both turrets.  
- Turret front slope buffed from 11° to 19°.  
- Most periscopes removed from the hitbox on both turrets.  
- The stock turret front slope is buffed from 16°-11° to 19°.


- Track hitbox is more detailed, meaning it covers less area.  Handy for HESH and big HE.