Sunday, 23 August 2015

23.08.2015 Q&A

- more new motion physics tests will come in autumn
- Storm won't comment on Armored Warfare: "That game has advantages and disadvantages that can be clearly seen. No need to comment. Plus it could spawn a wave of idiotic rumors." (players nag him further to compare the games, he refuses)
- Storm states that it's impossible to make drastic changes to the game immediately due to development intertia
- Q: "AW solved artillery problems." A: "I am really glad."
- there will be changes in artillery in the future, as confirmed earlier
- there is no need for WoT issues polls (as in, what the players consider to be issues in WoT), developers know best what the issues are and player polls would bring nothing new
- fog of war would suck in random, developers are considering only transferring vehicle ID to the client: players would only see tank types on their and enemy team but not who's playing, this would make using noobmeter and other such mods impossible
- WG fixes only "very serious problems" using micropatches
- Lowe buff or nerf in near future? "I cannot say anything"

CZ Tree Part 3 - LT Vz.38

Author: SilentStalker

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Hello everyone,

time to have a look at the history behind tier 3, LT Vz.38 - this is the last very well-known tank in the Czechoslovak series and you all know it under the designation of Panzer 38 (t) - hell, it's even in the game. Its history is very well-known - by 1938/1939 it was the best light tank in the world, served with the Germans, many were made, suspension was then used for all sorts of purposes including the legendary Jagdpanzer 38 (t) "Hetzer". I'll skip the details, you can google that. There are several running ones in the world including a restored one in Kubinka. This one will be shown next week in LeŇ°any:

Oh yea, one thing before we begin. Sorry it takes so long to write these, I am superbusy lately and writing one part of the series takes quite some time. The Czechoslovak tanks should start appearing on supertest in around a week and a half to two weeks and by that time I really want this series done (not sure I'll manage it but - when it's done it's done). Right.So, LT Vz.38.

This vehicle was the worst pain in the ass to find a way to implement it in the entire branch.

Okay, tier 9 was annoying as hell as well but this one was just special. Let's start with one statement: in the game, the German Panzer 38(t) is very unhistorical (it uses the wrong model, has fake guns etc.). I wrote about it actually and that article was sort of the "baseline" for looking for LT Vz.38 modules.

You see, the "purely Czech" version of the tank was actually only like one. One gun, one engine, one turret. That's... not a good start. No "purely Czech" upgrades were planned (why upgrade something that's brand new) and further development already took place under German supervision. Even so, no upgunning of the vehicle was to my knowledge planned the entire war, the tank was stuck with the 37mm A7 gun right until the end.

So, what we are missing are:

- upgraded turret
- upgraded guns
- (potentially) upgraded engines (that one is a bit tricky)

That's not a really good start. Let's look at the turrets first.