Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Turan III prot. HD Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

here are the HD screenshots of the Turan III. prot:

Statistics: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/turan-3-prototype.html

Meanwhile in WG EU...

From "canzpl":

Update 9.11/10.0 Details

Hello warriors,

a couple of details about patch 9.11. In fact, it will be called 10.0 and it will bring interesting features:

- IS-8 will be renamed to T-10 and reworked to HD
- special new tutorial mode will be implemented where players will fight bots on the Mittengard map. The bots will be farmable for 10 battles for XP and silver
- reworked the crew tab
- customization window was reworked
- changed and added some new camouflages
- both hangars were reworked somewhat
- Chieftain and Action X replacing their predecessors

T-10 in the tech tree

New garage and customization window

Cuban flag lol

Reworked camouflages

Soviet camo

22/09/2015 Q&A

Only news for today:

Its confirmed that in 9.11, FV215b will be switched for Chieftain and FV4202 for Action X.

This made me giggle, from "Jangles":

VK 45.03 HD Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

HD screenshots of the VK 45.03 for you:

Never skip hull day.

KanonenJagdpanzer Review

Hello Warriors,

The Mighty Jingles has uploaded a 2 part review of the KanonenJagdpanzer If I had time to make more reviews myself, would have said his same words:


Guide Park: Bat.-Chat

Hello Warriors,

as promised I'm posting the English version of the Bat.-Chat "Guide-Park":

Armored Warfare: Stress Test

Hello Warriors,

Armored Warfare needs you to frack stuff up!
On 24 and 25 September they will be stress testing the servers and opening the doors to everyone (no Early Access requirement), for those unaware this is a normal process game companies perform before releasing their game into Open which it seems is very close. Download will be available on 23 September at this page: http://aw.my.com/us/ea

If you want to know what to expect out of the stress test hop into their link: http://aw.my.com/us/news/general/introducing-public-stress-test

X3 Weekly

Hello Warriors,

on the EU server, until Saturday 26 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC +2) we will have x3 XP.

As much as I enjoy some extra XP and I'm glad that EU is doing this...Special XP always attracts the falmer players out of their caves. After the summer holidays I actually find myself craving for some regular x2 XP. No kids... no Falmers (or less), just perfect!

Tanks Through Time: New mission/discount set

Hello Warriors,

I've been a sickly kitten since Friday but is finally starting to get better, because a cold is temporary and opportunities only come-by once and refuse to miss them I chose restoring the FV3805 over getting better and worked as best as possible on the blog by dragging myself out of my blanket cocoon (Seriously need to buy a new laptop for times like this). Anyways, will be posting today the "secondary level" articles that I've missed along with anything new that comes along.

On NA there is a new set of missions and discounts from the "Tanks Through Time"

Weekday Missions

- From September 21 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET until September 25 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET.

"Separated Fighting in the Streets"

  •     Random battles only
  •     Not available on daily first-win bonus
  •     Limit 5 times per day
  •    Win a battle and place in your team's top 5 XP earners.
  •   x3 XP

"Obligatory Miniboss (1/2)" 

The Birth of the Tiger I

Author: CaptianNemo

The following is a transcribe of part of an original postwar interview with the Chief Technical Engineer[i] Kurt Arnoldt, of the Henschel firm's AFV Research and Experimental Establishment at Haustenbeck[ii]. The interview was conducted by Captain R.A. Harrison of GSI (Tech) 21st Army Group starting on Monday May 7th, through the 8th, 1945. Harrison arrived back at the 21st Army Group HQ on the May 13th. The typed interview copy is dated May 28th and stamped May 29th 1945.

     I could have sat down and done it all… but it is 30 pages of material and that’s not counting the appendixes. So, I am transcribing parts of it at a time. Sharp eyed readers will note that it is similar, and different, with the version provided by Henschel designer Dr. Erwin Aders in Walter J. Spielbergers books. Many thanks to MadestCat for his assistance with the German sections, name corrections and searches. And many thanks to Shapeshifter for leading me to the interview to begin with. And lastly, to Vollketten, for his assistence in getting the last part done and to everyone else for listening to me ramble away...



                The original order to construct a Tiger I was given to the firm Henschel in 1941. At the same time Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was allowed to develop his own idea of what the Tiger should be. Two versions of Tiger were eventually produced and were referred to, in industrial circles, as the Porsche Tiger and the Henschel Tiger.

Т-34/100 Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

seems like the WG tank modellers got a Sgt. Hartman around and couldn't spare on the Т-34/100 polishing...