Saturday, 30 May 2015

30.05.2015 Q&A

Not much for today:

- In 9.8 the IS-3 characteristics were not touched;
- Regarding the unveiled untextured Type 91 Japanese heavy tank model - player: "It looks like made from drywall" Yuri Pasholok: "It drives like that too."

And the daily, I know is a old one but this type of humor always manages to crack me up, nothing against French tanks although... the FCM36Pak40, AMX CDC and I are inseparable:


Temporary premium tanks confirmed

The temporary premium tanks or "tank renting" missions just got confirmed today on the Russian Wargaming Youtube channel. We will be able to rent the Lowe and IS-6 for 3 days.
It was also implied that a rare tank would be sold but we already know its the A-32 for RU.

Isn't Olga "Ola" so pretty? *smirk*

Pütnitz Museum photos

One of you, Tim V. (thank you sir!) wants to share some of his photos from his visit to the Pütnitz museum from nothern Germany. He says that every year they hold a "meeting" for vehicles from the soviet union and other eastern bloc states.

(For those who are in mobile, this post is picture heavy)

Armored Warfare Q&A W/ SilentStalker

Afternoon warriors,

yesterday streamed Armored Warfare while platooning with SilentStalker and when the servers went down for a short period we decided to make a Q&A  like good old times:

Let me know if you would like more of this in the future, would definitely work it out better.