Saturday, 23 January 2016

M46 Patton KR for Sale (NA)


until January 31, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET the Korean M46 Patton will be sold on the NA server for $39.99.

Its nice to see that it only brings a garage slot with it instead of a price inflated bundle, I actually want to get this one for my NA account.

Balanced Fun


was browsing on twitter and crossed path with "The Cognitive Threshold in Strategy Games" study from Quantic Foundry where 140.000 gamers worldwide have participated. The Author, Nick Yee has measured 21 games by excitement, strategy, cognitive threshold and fun.

World of Tanks and Master of Orion have been included in the study, this is the result:

Although I agree with the study, it made me giggle that WoT has been placed in the "Balanced Fun" area, specially after being balanced by an SPG because I was clearly camping too hard in the frontline. :D

23/01/2016 Q&A


Have a Q&A ready for you, I understand that many been asking why I there haven't been Q&As like before and saying its my fault when its not the reality of things, its simple actually, Storm has been radio silent for nearly a month, even the Russians been crying over that, quoting their words, "holidays are over and gingerbread has gone hard" but he seems to have become fed up of all the whining and crying. And hey, whining and crying is alright, I get it everyday, but the issue is when people do it without bringing any constructivism and in my opinion that's what drove the guy away, although, that doesn't affect me, you see, I have no soul. :D

Anyway, this Q&A has been provided by Slava , I picked the questions from those who were and been the most constructive in comment RSR sections, hopefully (and I haven't asked yet) we could make this a often thing.

[Hedgehog1963] In WWII the tanks of western nations had various means of making smoke, either laying it on their own location or  shooting it across the battlefield from their main gun.  If you look particularly at the British tanks you can see smoke pots or smoke dischargers on practically everything beyond Tier VII.  The Soviets almost (but not quite) ignored the value of smoke from AFVS.  Germans and Yanks so-so.  Not sure about other nations.  This has been  a major omission from the game in my book.  They even have the concept in WoWs with Destroyer smoke screens.  Why not in Wot? I remain a big LT fan in WoT, but it is hard work.

- Smoke screens probably yes at some point, let’s start with artillery smoke shells first. And no, Soviets had an easy way to lay smoke screens with the device attached to the diesel engine exhaust ports