Wednesday, 29 July 2015

29.07.2015 Stream (ended)

Hello Warriors,

blog work is done for today so I will be doing my scheduled stream as usual:

193 Tanks, EU/NA/RU.

Hoping to get some Luchs... *Evil Smirk*

29.07.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Q: "Will 88mm L/56 be buffed so it is like in Blitz?" A: "It would be easier to just ask Blitz to nerf it";
- Changing the 88mm L/56 and other guns that are installed on many tanks at the same time is not trivial because they are so widespread;
- It's not true that Xbox WoT will lose some features just because they are not possible to put easily into the PC version;
- Storm states that some Youtubers like Murazor are spreading lies and whine about things (in this case +/-1 MM they want) because their Youtube income is directly dependent on this whining;
- Tank profitability coefficients were not touched in 9.9;
- Storm states that the Japanese Tiger is not in the same situation as the Mauschen was (OP versus lower tiers, underpowered versus higher tiers);
- According to Storm, WoT on Win10 results are not bad;
- The best Windows to run WoT with (IF you have sufficient hardware) currently is Windows 8.1;
- There are currently no special optimizations in the game for Dx12;
- UI in WoT will be reworked to ActionScript 3;
- According to Veider (balance developer) Windows 10 work well.

Armored Warfare: Early Access 4


Hello Warriors,

the phase 4 of the Early Access from Armored Warfare will take place between August 13th and August 30th. And this time the test will be open 24h a day.

This client brings new languages (German, Polish and French) and more will be added in the future for non-English speaking players.

Another very interesting update, Artillery will have special support shells:

  • Smoke shells (available to all artillery vehicles), creating a large smoke cloud that breaks the enemy line of sight;
  • Illumination shells (available to artillery vehicles of tier 6 and above), spotting enemies for 10 seconds in 30 meter radius.
(Will definitely be testing these out on my livestream!)

These are the main features and updates:
  •     Retrofit system is now available (more information available in developer diary article)
  •     Advanced artillery support shells
  •     Several new vehicles (T-54, M48 Patton, Object 430, Centauro 120, FV721, Begleitpanzer 57, T-72A) with Centauro 155 removed from the dealer tree for rebalance
  •     Game economy overhaul
  •     Significant increase in the PvE rewards, new PvE missions
  •     Large optimization bundle
  •     Rebalances of certain vehicles
  •     A large number of bug fixes and improvements

If you want to see in detail all the changes hop into the patchnotes:

Gojira Tanks!

Hello Warriors,

while navigating through the EU forum waters found this fan-made video of the Japanese HTs called "Godzilla Tanks":

These are cuts from the Japanese Tiger video but the soundtrack from the first "Gojira" (1954) movie makes it very honorable!

Name changes of Japanese tanks *UPDATE*

Hello Warriors,

here is the updated names of the Japanese Heavy tanks (by progression):

  • O-I Experimental
  • O-I
  • O-NI (formerly known as O-I 100)
  • O-I 120

O-I Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

the last batch... the tier 6 O-I:

Stats and model.

O-I Experimental Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

more Japanese HT screenshots, this time from the tier 5 O-I Experimental:  

Stats and model.

O-NI Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

new screenshots of the O-NI, the tier 7 Japanese tank, formerly known as O-I 100 (It got unhistorically renamed):

Stats and model.
Extra Size comparison.

CW: Global Map Closing

Hello Warriors,

if you been paying attention to CW, currently there are 2 Global map versions, the standard and the recently-introduced test version that is doing fine.
On 1 August, 11:00 CEST (UTC+2), WG EU will freeze the standard version and on 3 August, 11:00 CEST (UTC+2) it will be completely purged.

Make sure to pack your bags and take care of your businesses before it closes. :)


WoT- Carrousel de Saumur, France 2015

Hello Warriors,

little video about the Carrousel de Saumur, France 2015 from WG EU:

Sad, this time they didn't had that pretty girl from Tankfest giving the community bags... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Japanese Tiger English Version

Hello Warriors,

WG EU Youtube channel already posted the English version of the Japanese Tiger video, very surprised, usually it takes them months until they release their versions after RU. Anyways... do keep this speed please!

As promised yesterday: