Sunday, 26 April 2015

Portraits of victory event Q&A

Hello warriors,

following are the developer answers from the "Portraits of victory" historical events. It's not sure who exactly was answering but usually these are rather solid.

- Platoon individual missions were made to make players socialize and consult their progress with others;
- It's possible there will be a skill MM on high tiers (as a separate mode);
- 7/42 mode was an experiment, during the development it was considered unplayable and it was changed;
- New motion physics will allow tanks to reach previously unreachable places but there will still be places you can't go to for gameplay reasons in the game;
- It's possible that the additional track links on the hull that will be added as a part of the customization upgrade will not be a part of the collision model and will be visual only;
- Around 20 people work in the anti-bot and anti-cheat department;
- Reworked historical battles will not come before mid-2016;
- Chinese TD's were planned for this year but will most likely appear next year (as well as the Japanese heavies that are delayed to next year as well);
- Limited MM premiums will be removed from sales in order not to have pay to win element in WoT;
- It's possible that strongholds will become a part of the new CW 2.0, they will be actively developed further;
- There will be "interesting" new game modes;
- It's possible that T-50-2 will return as an alternative hull;
- FV4202 switch and Chieftain switch will not come anytime soon, even Storm does not know when;
- It's possible that Havok will be scrapped altogether and developers will instead develop a new physics engine for the realistic destruction (or use another one);
- There will be no amphibious tanks;
- The HD/SD client split might appear at the end of May;
- Japanese tanks will not be nerfed;
- There will be "general changes" that will positively influence heavy tanks.

26.04.2015 Q&A

- Storm confirms that Wargaming is testing a split between HD and SD client. The only difference according to him is in texture resolution.

And about CW 2.0:

- IS-5 will be obtainable through an even that will still be running on current version of CW (a "goodbye to CW 1.0 event") (RG: Please allow me to open my wallet and keep the Serb space program alive for the tank, don't have time for CW!);
- In CW 2.0, tanks will still get frozen (including tiers 6 and 7);
- It will not be in CW 2.0 possible to start battles with 1 tank on your team;
- There will be a special separate statistics window for CW (like Strongholds and Team Battles have);
- There will be some sort of mechanism that will increase the profitability of various CW 2.0 provinces but it will be rather complicated and costly. Basically, the clans will be able to "develop" (upgrade) the province to various levels (tiers, possibly three). Every time the province is lost to the clan, it loses 1 tier;
- Provinces with lower battle tiers (with tier 6 and 8 battles) will have different (presumably less) profitability than tier 10 ones;
- Tier 9 battles are not planned for starters but might theoretically appear;
- There will be significantly more provinces than there are now and so even weak clans will be able to play CW.

Hungarian Turán premium tank?

Recently in the Russian Wargaming video show called "Poka vse v tanke" a blueprint of the Hungarian Turán medium tank was shown as an example of what developers are using as references to create their tanks and possibly the European tech tree.

It's also possible that the Turán will be a premium tank.

If you are not yet familiarized with this tank, lets dust off this article from FTR, written by "Karika":

(Thank you Angelus1991sterfor the FTR link call on the comment section)

Wargaming e-sports spending

Hello warriors,

if we are to believe Viktor Kislyi, the CEO of Wargaming (who talked to players before the start of the WGL event in Warsaw), from 2013 to 2016 Wargaming spent on e-sports 26.000.000 USD. I have to wonder how much of that did they get back and whether it was a wise investment.