Sunday, 26 April 2015

26.04.2015 Q&A

- Storm confirms that Wargaming is testing a split between HD and SD client. The only difference according to him is in texture resolution.

And about CW 2.0:

- IS-5 will be obtainable through an even that will still be running on current version of CW (a "goodbye to CW 1.0 event") (RG: Please allow me to open my wallet and keep the Serb space program alive for the tank, don't have time for CW!);
- In CW 2.0, tanks will still get frozen (including tiers 6 and 7);
- It will not be in CW 2.0 possible to start battles with 1 tank on your team;
- There will be a special separate statistics window for CW (like Strongholds and Team Battles have);
- There will be some sort of mechanism that will increase the profitability of various CW 2.0 provinces but it will be rather complicated and costly. Basically, the clans will be able to "develop" (upgrade) the province to various levels (tiers, possibly three). Every time the province is lost to the clan, it loses 1 tier;
- Provinces with lower battle tiers (with tier 6 and 8 battles) will have different (presumably less) profitability than tier 10 ones;
- Tier 9 battles are not planned for starters but might theoretically appear;
- There will be significantly more provinces than there are now and so even weak clans will be able to play CW.

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