Sunday, 19 July 2015

19.07.2015 Q&A

 Here it is:

- Storm turned around in his evaluation of the ghost shell bug. He now states that this bug is very rare ("phantom bug"), he however adds they are working on it with Bigworld devs;
- There is already an internal ETA of the fix of the majority of 9.9 crashes but Storm won't disclose it for now;
- Russian players have good time mocking the absence of FV201(A45) premium on EU server, according to RU staff the decision is up to WG EU;
- Interestingly enough ISU-122S is a marketing vehicle at this moment in Russia - it's being given out for free along with new PC's from the e-shop Eldorado;
- Despite the way some sources (usually WG RU marketing, producers) inform about it, there will not be an "European tree" or "European branch", the branches are essentially all nationalized now with Czechoslovaks first possibly followed by the Swedish.

Have a good weekend. :)

Pilot lands "Spitfire" without wheels

Sent by: Listy

Hello Warriors,

I very rarely post anything about flying things but I found this pretty cool, at the Sibson airfield in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire a pilot hit a perfect landing without wheels in a Spitfire replica:

The pilot radioed the airfield reporting that he could not release his landing gear and asked if he could make an emergency landing on a grassy area, after burning off fuel for 20 minutes.
He landed by putting the tail end down first to absorb some impact and then the rest (or the "belly") of the plane making a full stop.

The pilot got out unharmed and the Spitfire Replica apart from a broken propeller was largely undamaged.

I can only imagine him walking off like a boss...

World of Tanks 9.9 Blur Fix

Hello Warriors,

Ultiyplayer emailed me his video, a how-to fix the World of Tanks 9.9 Blur.

He says: "I kept seeing on forums and blogs that people are still adjusting to the issue of the dynamic resolutions in WoT feature that is now set to default.
In response, since I'm tired of seeing them, I made a video explaining what's going on and what can be done."

Hope it helps! :)

Type 90 sex confirmed

Hello Warriors,

while busy with some other things for the blog, this was sent to my attention. Confirmed, Type 90 is a she. :)


Enough of silliness... *buries back to work*

0.9.9 Model Fixes

Hello warriors,

in 9.9, Wargaming fixed (well, changed anyway) a number of models in World of Tanks. This is tied to a rather big "pewpstorm" that appeared on RU server but did not reach the EU server in general because it was mostly baseless. These "pewpstorms" are generally fueled by Russian videomakers Murazor (and sometimes Jove) and this one was about some tanks being allegedly easy to penetrate due to issues in collision model (especially the bottom parts). Basically, when you were shooting under certain angle, the shots were hitting the bottom and it was easy to damage such tanks. How important changes those were... you be the judge.

The first picture is always the old, the second is new. And thanks Awasaky :)


T-54 Prototype
(here we can see how the "step" was removed)