Wednesday, 16 December 2015

16/12/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

Just came out of a prolonged nap and I'm fresh to stream the World of Tanks 9.13 live server.

Tonight I'm in the mood for some platoon or Tank Request stream, depending how the battles go. :)

As usual, if you have any questions I will be answering, that's the reason I share the streams here after all.

203 Tank & EU (Didn't had time to patch NA tonight):


Implementing multi-turret and twin-barrel support with a 3rd soviet heavy line – Part II

Author: Thor_Hammerschlag

Article history:
Part I:


In this article we will discuss the 2nd batch of vehicles, which could create a 3rd soviet heavy line with multi-turreted and twin-barreled tanks (for further background information and the motivation of the article, check the link to the previous part above). Today we will leave the low-tier range of WoT that was finished with the legendary T-35 at T4 – and continue the line from T5 onwards. Before describing these formidable multi-turret vehicles from T5-T7 in detail, I would like to give you an impression on how multi-turret support could work in WoT.

Multi-turret support in WoT

The figure below illustrates the core features of multi-turret support. The tank behind the figure has three turrets and guns. As you have three guns, you also have three reload indicators (see top left in the picture). The guns in the turrets are reloading completely separated from each other. Main and secondary armament is fired by two different keys.

Just imagine that blaze of gunfire you could throw on your enemies with such mechanisms.  Each turret/gun has its own crosshair (center of the figure). You have to consider that in your strategy/positioning - certain turrets are not able to turn 360°. The first tank we will discuss today has very little problems with limited turret traverse, it can almost always fire both guns. It does virtually look like a little battleship on tracks …

New World of Papoj

Hello Warriors,

Nearly missed the latest World of Papoj:

Poor little panzer... :)

Armored Warfare: The Nature of Mechanized Warfare

Hello Warriors,

AW has published this interesting article about "The Nature of Mechanized Warfare"

You can read it here:

Will be writing soon about my likes and dislikes on more vehicles as well, you asked, I deliver. :)

WoT Blitz Trailer

Hello Warriors,

This is the new trailer for WoT Blitz:

I was sold once I saw the cat.

M48A1 Patton Armor

Hello Warriors,

the M48A1 Patton has a most unusual weakspot...

An E-25 can penetrate its gun mantlet with normal AP (150 penetration) which usually is a big no no area to aim at.
I got curious and went to check the armor model:

WoT Blitz now on PC

Hello Warriors,

PC users can now play World of Tanks Blitz:

Note: Windows 10 required.

The devs of this WoT branch have been doing a decent work with maps and events and I've been curious to try it out for awhile.  I don't have Windows 10 on my PC but already have plans to use the Treaty of Windsor to access the man cave for a WoT Blitz stream.

And by the way, mobile and PC users wont be merged.

Patton KR and Panzer 58: Update

Good morning lovely creatures,

this one is starting her morning to something soft:

That guitar...

Anyways, I went searching for any updates and annoy some birdies and this is what I have so far:

Patton KR
-It will appear on NA (and I see no reason why it shouldn't come to EU as well).

Panzer 58
-On EU,  like I typed yesterday, Ectar has confirmed that there wont be a marathon for the end of the year which is understandable with all the discounts and the very near Action X missions that will arrive in January. This is what can happen, take your pick:

  • It still can become a new year gift
  • It will come some time after the Action X mission in the shape of a marathon (Placing my bet on this one)
  • Very unlikely but they could try to milk it in a bundle.
- On RU, where do I start... there are some poisonous weeds on the Russian community who specially been creating a disturbance in the force on the past 2~3 months. They make their living from pulling hoaxes out of their arses and I don't understand why most of the Russian blogs are still listening to these people BS. The information given about the Panzer 58 looked all right yesterday but this morning no one knows anything any more. I've already talked to my Russian counterpart, Edrard and we will be seeking for an answer. My bet is that the Panzer 58 is going to appear on RU too, I mean, after all RU its the Daddy's girl.

-On SEA, nothing to report, you will have the vehicles, keep on being happy.

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

Jagdpanzer IV New Gun

Hello Warriors,

the Jagdpanzer IV will be receiving a new gun which is unhistorical/fake. Name and Stats:

75mm Pak 41

Tier: 7
Price: 18300
Penetration: 157/221
Damage: 135/135
Weight: 720
Depression: -6/+15
Arc: L12/R12
Traverse speed: 35
Ammo: 62
Accuracy: 0.33
Reload Time: 3.8
Aiming time  - 1,5s


Pzgr. 41 StK (AP)

Projectile speed: 1170
Minimum penetration: 118
Maximum penetration: 196
Damage: 135

Pzgr. 41 HK (APCR)

Projectile speed: 1260
Minimum penetration: 166
Maximum penetration: 276
Damage: 135

What do you think?

I'm actually very satisfied right now, this past months been absorbing Russian language (been going as far as watching Russian movies, Gagarin is my favourite so far!) and did this translation on my own but still asked Ivan to check for imperfections, this is not my first translation but this time I've aced it. Soon with my thick accent and Russian speaking I will become a perfect spy. :3