Wednesday, 28 October 2015

28/10/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

It's Wednesday and time for my scheduled stream.

Some of you emailed me asking for the days I stream and they are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I usually start at random hours, depending how busy the blog work gets.

Tonight I will be starting with Armored Warfare, just got my Chieftain Mk 5 and working my way to the Challenger 1 which is my favourite tank in-game. Later on, will be playing World of Tanks, normal server.

Steady as she goes: 

Armored Warfare Halloween Rewards

Hello Warriors,

to celebrate the Halloween AW has this set of missions ready for us where we can get some decals:

Thursday, 29th of October
Condition: Win three battles
Reward: Evil Pumpkin Decal for every vehicle in your garage

Friday, 30th of October
Condition: Win three battles
Reward: Frankenstein's Monster for every vehicle in your garage

Saturday, 31st of October
Condition: Win five battles
Reward: Two decals for every vehicle in your garage (Bat and Pumpkin with Logo Decal)
Additional bonus: 50 percent extra Reputation and Credits from battles

Sunday, 1st of November
Condition: Win five battles
Reward: Two decals for every vehicle in your garage (Ghost Shell and Ghoul Commander)
Additional bonus: 50 percent extra Reputation and Credits from battles

Note: Have in mind that the missions start/expire at midnight CET and PDT.

Its almost like a guilty pleasure but I love to collect free seasonal rewards in games... :)

Antonio Banderas Plays Artillery in WoT

Hello Warriors,

check out Antonio Banderas playing as an SPG in World of Tanks:

Love it! :D

WoT's Incriptions NOT Refundable

Hello Warriors,

the upcoming inscriptions in World of Tanks have become a tad too controversial, after arriving from London my first step was to download and stream the 10.0 Test Server and ended up having the same conclusion as The Mighty Jingles (and even QuickyBaby), take a look at this video:

The inscriptions at the moment are a clearly pay-to-win system. I personally, who plays World of Tanks for a living cant afford for all the Exterior consumables, how can you, normal players who usually have just 1 or 2 hours to play after coming from work/school afford it as well? This is just insane...

But wait there's more!

Diego Longo who was a long time Patron of RSR has contacted WG's support team asking for a refund, this is what he emailed me:

"You see, I have 286 tanks with 636 emblems+Inscriptions that gives 3% bonus to radio operator !!! (I want to cry). This is worth 51945 gold (yes, I counted).
So I contacted WOT EU Support to ask them for a solution and that I wanted to change the emblems or a refund ...and they told me that there was nothing they could do."

Support ticket:

New Ranzar video

Hello Warriors,

Ranzar arrived at the right time to light today's blog mood:


M18 Hellcat Incident Update

Hello Warriors,

I knew that had seen this M18 Hellcat previously in multiple occasions but couldn't remember, Volketten, who writes articles for RSR and a frequent viewer/reader Earwaxian have helped me.

This TD was at the TankFest Northwest so you may have spotted it on WG's NA videos and photos and it was featured recently on The Wall Street Journal.

Earwaxian, who among many of you took photos near/in it and shared it with me earlier this year.

Its also now known that one of the occupants of vehicle at the time of the incident was its owner Steve Preston who had nicknamed the TD after his wife, Rachel.

The incident happened during an historic military vehicle demonstration.

The MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association) has asked to keep Steve's wife and 2 daughters on our thoughts.

Skoda T 40 on Sale

Hello Warriors,

from today until 30 of November, the Skoda T40 will be sold on the EU server for €19.99.

The package also contains:

  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 250 Gold
  • 7 days Premium Account

This is a tank I definitely will get and play with.

I'm actually amazed that EU is not selling this tank on a expensive/unwanted 50 Euro bundle like they have been doing with new premium tanks for a long time and this may be a step in the right direction but let's wait and see if they keep it up..
And by that I meant that lets wait to see how WG will sell their tanks in the future, wouldn't be the first time they say or do something to appease the masses but then nothing changes...Remember when we got promised that swift action against illegal mod users would be taken after an E-sports player got caught using them and it stirred the community? Over a year later and they still can't control the foxes in the chicken coop.

Anyways, good job WG EU!

Blast inside M18 Hellcat kills 2

Hello Warriors,

in a fire range 24 miles east of Bend, Oregon, 2 people have died by an explosion inside an M18 Hellcat.

"One of the victims was still alive (when police arrived), and they were able to speak with that victim," "Bend Fire Department did attempt life-saving efforts on that victim, but the victim died." Sheriff Shane Nelson said.

The incident got caught on video which as taken by the authorities to learn what took place and why.
It was most likely the gun breach that blew and probably the first time in awhile someone had to clean the crew out of a WW2 Tank.

Names and other details were not released.

My deepest condolences to the families and friends.


Grille 15 Update

Hello Warriors,

the Grille 15 aka replacement for the WT E-100 has received a couple changes in the last few hours:

- Terrain resistance, 1 (previous 1.1)
- Accuracy loss from moving, 0.24 (previous 0.2)
- Accuracy loss from turning hull, 0.24 (previous 0.2)

Gun traverse buffed by 5 degrees to each side
- Accuracy loss from turning the turret, 0.2 (previous 0.18)
Reload time, 14.6 (previous 15)
Aim time, 2.3 (previous 2.8)

AP shell
Muzzle velocity, 1350 (previous 1000)
Minumum penetration, 209 (previous 203)
Maximum penetration, 349 (previous 338)

HEAT shell
Muzzle velocity, 900 (previous 890)

27/10/2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- 122mm U-11 on KV-1 is correctly sized
- The 50 vs 50 mode is not even a mode yet, it's a technical test of what happens when a large number of players plays on large maps, to find out issues and bottlenecks in order to understand the possibilites of further development in that direction
- Centurion Action X turret armor is based on real life turret measurements
- There will be second round of 10.0 test
- The Domination modes do not earn less XP per unit of time than random battles, in fact they do earn a bit more