Wednesday, 8 April 2015

1 Day Premium Bonus Code

Hello warriors,

Alienware is making a bonus code giveaway again. Codes contain:

- 1 day of free premium
- a case of Coca Cola premium consumable

You can get them here:

Get "Free" Chi-Nu Kai on EU Server

Hello warriors,

a new set of missions was announced on the EU server in honor of the upcoming World of Tanks birthday. Basically, if you:

- win 15 battles (while being in top 10 of your team in XP)
- earn 75k XP (while being in top 10 of your team in XP)
- play 30 battles (while being in top 10 of your team in XP)

You'll get a free Chi-Nu Kai and a garage slot. These conditions cannot be completed at the same time - you have to complete the first step to unlock the next one etc. You have 3 full days to do all that.

08.04.2015 Stream (ended)

Happy Wednesday everyone, nope the week is treating you good!
Will be streaming World of Tanks for the next hours, today there is tank requests and I have a big announcement to make! I'm so excited for this weekend!

08.04.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Female crew voiceover will not come in 9.8;
- Developers will not disclose how exactly is the second British TD branch (FV4005 and others) doing statistically;
- Right now it's not clear whether the marks of excellence are bugged or not, it will be investigated;
- One player is concerned that even if gold penetration is nerfed somewhat, gold shells will still effortlessly penetrate Maus, E-100 and others. Storm's answer: "you are overestimating the role and amount of gold shell use in battle";
- It's possible that the ingame Maus is smaller than in real life. It will be investigated;
- Storm confirms that future renders will be made with ingame textures, not the ultra-high quality textures used for renders now;
- Ultra-high quality texture pack won't be released, it would be useful only for a small number of people;
- Artillery will be reworked to HD as last;
- VK4502B with 80mm armor will not be made tier 6, it would be too overpowered;
- The way to obtain tier 7 VK4502B will be disclosed a bit later;
- Storm confirms: developers are investigating how to rebalance artillery but it's too early to say anything. One thing's for sure: it won't be the "less alpha more often by splash" approach because the fact you actually get damaged irritates the players even more than an occasional oneshot;
- WG is currently reviewing the platoon demand for individual missions (whether it's needed);
- Tank customization (additional armor plates and such) will come only in far future, it's completely possible these will fall off from the tank when Havok is implemented;
- "Many" Object 260 missions will be changed in 9.8;
- Apparently there are no plans to buff Leopard prototype;
- Developers are definitely not considering removing the standard artillery satellite mode and replacing it with "battle assistant" mode;
- T92 Light Tank will definitely not come in 2015;
- T32 will not get a penetration buff;
- For now, there are no plans to buff Challenger/Avenger by giving it a better gun.

On British Tank Names

Author: Vollketten

The British like to name their tanks - that should come as no surprise. There is also a general problem with tank names in game, which regulars on the NA forums will know the The_Chieftain tried to resolve in the name of accuracy; the ‘Hetzer’ being the prime example. You can read his ‘tank names’ piece “What’s in a name?

The reason seems to be that WG likes tanks with names for commercial reasons, even when they are fake/false or unverifiably lost in the mists of time. Which brings me to the subject of some suggested but not adopted names for some well known British tanks.

So, a quick run down of the original name/designation and the proposed names for some British tanks from between July 1941 and September 1942:

Careful readers will see that the A.25 is nowhere written as ‘Harry Hopkins’ but instead the more majesterial name of ‘Sceptre’.

I don’t know about you, but I like those snake names for the Cruiser series of tanks and the system of classification. It’s also an amusing mental exercise to wonder how the "A.22 Victoria" (Churchill) would have fared without the namesake of Sir Winston to support it through its early teething troubles. It could have led to not ‘C’ being the British tank name letter of choice but ‘V’ instead, which would have left the A.34 with a most unfortunate name.

In game terms we are already saddled with the ‘Hetzer’ and ‘Wolverine’ as names, but these ones here are actual real proposed historical names and not some post war invention or misattribution. Maybe we don’t need to rename the Churchill or Covanater/Crusader for the game but the Cruiser Mk.III renamed as the ‘Asp’ sounds very cool.

Tell me what you think below….

AFV News Vol.39-3 – British Tank names by Peter Brown
Cabinet Officer Papers 120/354 August 1940 to September 1942: Tank Nomenclature and Classification

9.6 Micropatch, April 8th

Title: 9.6 Micropatch, April 8th

Hello warriors,

today in the morning, a micropatch was issued on EU (applies on US server as well, but not RU). This micropatch is bringing the changes regarding the upcoming Wargaming event marked "WG birthday" - no specific fixes were announced.

Buff my M10 Armor

Author: Vollketten

This isn't a long article (but it is my first for Rita!) because it's rather self-explanatory. You should be (assuming you have played WoT occasionally) familiar with the M10 Tank Destroyer in either the British or American tech trees.

If you have played it, you may even have noticed the rather flimsy armor and the ‘studs’ or ‘bosses’ dotted around the hull and turret and wondered what they were for.