Saturday, 5 December 2015

05/12/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

I'm going to do a extra livestream, the RITA clan is celebrating 1 year of existence and I will be doing platoon with the lads!

Will be picking whatever tanks match my platoon mates the best. :)

Steady as she goes:

American Hope, American Dreams!

Author: CK16

As previously mentioned in past articles, we talked about the M48 Patton and its development along with the M60 and M60A1. This brief article is to put on the table just why the M60A1 would be such an upgrade to the American Medium tree similar to what the FV4202 to the Centurion Action X switch wias to the UK tree. These stats are a mix from the current in game stats and real life and as mentioned are marked differently as needed. So what would the M60A1 look like possibly in game? Let’s take a look first at some stats of the M48A1 and M60 to compared them to each other in game and real life. Then the M60A1 will be brought in and you can make judgement.

M48A1 Patton III

Czech this out!

Hello Warriors,

I know... I know... Its a bad pun! The Mighty Jingles has made a video of the new Czechoslovakian tanks:


WoT PS4 Beta Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

should have looked at my email first, DoM1N (Thanks dear! :3 ) has emailed me these screenshots including
better images of the urban camo and gameplay.

WoT PS4 Camouflage

Hello Warriors,

besides winter, summer, and desert camo, it seems like WoT PS4 will have "Urban" camo added (city only maps):