Saturday, 19 September 2015

19/09/2015 Q&A

- Storm doesn't consider the size differences between objects a too big deal (in this case apparently the bus on the Stalingrad map is bigger than the Japanese heavy tank)
- it's possible that new motion physics will appear in 9.11 (10.0?) but it is also possible that it will be delayed, it's too important a feature to rush its release

There are a lot of small things to fix on new motion physics according to Storm:

- fixing the jumping small tanks like Tetrarch (a problem in suspension settings)
- fixing the loss of speed when going uphill (too much)
- fixing the turning intertia
- checking carefully the acceleration, there is a suspicion that some vehicles accelerate too slowly
- synchronizing all that with sound

- there will definitely be more motion physics tests
- there is currently no order in which the HD tanks are arriving to WoT. According to Storm there are many outsourcers and WG is releasing them as they come
- T34 in HD is being worked on along with T29 and T30
- the map ranking (limited pool of maps on tiers) will in the future be completely disabled for players with over 1000 battles
- the M46 Patton in HD fail (the model was reworked several times) was caused by Wargaming shifting it from one department to another and it got stuck somewhere in the middle and entered the game without proper checkups

CZ Tree Part 8 - TVP VTU Koncept

Author: SilentStalker

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Hello everyone,

the series is slowly coming to an end as we reached the part of the branch that is composed of the three stages of the TVP program present in the game. So let's get to it, shall we?

Right. I won't go into the entire convoluted history of the TVP program and will only outline the program in general. TVP means "Tank Všeobecného Použití" (lit. "Tank for General Use") and represents the only post-war development of a new, indigenous tank. It ran from 1945/46 until the 50's when the Soviets stopped it and produced a number of interesting proposals.

More HD models

Panzer 38 nA


Good Morning lovely Warriors!

Just to warn that unless something really important comes up things will be posted later on today.
Jingles and I will be attending the first volunteering day of the FV3805 Restoration Project at the Wight Military & Heritage Museum.

Barely slept with excitement (always like this in the nights before being in/around tanks) but my sore throat didn't helped the case, at least was blessed to still have my voice! I would drag myself or even give a finger if necessary for tanks! *And somewhere, waiting in the darkness inside a powerful deadly beast a finger eating gun breach awaits, more than glad to do so* Anyways, just blabbing here, tend to do this when still half asleep.

Checking out the Bae.

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