Monday, 18 May 2015

18.05.2015 Q&A

- Storm confirms that more motion physics tests will come in forseeable future (after 9.8 comes live)
- there isn't all that much info being published by Storm because now the info releases are "carefully regulated"
- WG already prepared new sound engine but "there is no sense in implementing it without new content"
- release date of new sound engine (and new sounds with it) is not yet determined
- Storm is actually 37 years old
- Storm confirms that 0.9.9 patch will be followed by 0.9.10 (and 0.9.11), not 1.0.0
- penetration nerf will not come in 9.8
- Chieftain and FV4202 switch will not come in 9.8 or 9.9 but in "one of the upcoming patches"
- patch 9.8 will come "very soon"
- while the platoon requirement for personal missions will be removed in 9.8, the missions will still be much easier to do in a platoon
- there will be more new maps in the game but WG won't confirm when exactly


Hello warriors,

here's the ASAP video for 9.8, for now only in Russian. Not much you did not know already.


- new gameplay mode ("Domination")
- changes in some personal missions
- changes on several maps
- buffs and nerfs of roughly 20 tanks
- combat effectivity ribbons
- changes in Stronghold mode: now the tier 5-7 Strongholds will use "e-sports" setup (tier 8 tanks)
- Komarin is removed from random battles
- Hidden Village will only appear on lower tiers
- dynamic platoons (in battle)

RNG video (Part 35)

Armored Warfare Q&A 4

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here's another round of questions and answers about Armored Warfare.

Question: Does AW consider making the UI customizable, such as reticle shape and color?
Answer: While UI customization will initially be limited to just turning different HUD elements on and off, we do have plans to introduce increasing levels of customization over time. Initially we will add adjustments such as reticle color or shape, but we eventually hope to offer the ability to select from different color schemes for the whole UI and possibly enable support for community reskins of the menus and HUD.

Question: Will there also be a software development kit for AW?
Answer: We are not planning that at the moment.

Question: Can we expect user created skins in Armored Warfare?
Answer: In the Early Access phase modifications will not be allowed. It will not be possible to replace model files within the game as those will be covered by protective measures.

Question: Will it be possible for players to trade tanks or gold amongst themselves?
Answer: No, we are not planning such a thing. Although this would be an attractive feature, it has many drawbacks including – amongst other things – attracting a large number of account hackers, scammers, and gold selling spammers, an issue known from other games to make the life of both players and developers much more difficult.

Question: Is the 15 player team size for random battles final?
Answer: Yes. After multiple rounds of testing and experimenting with various sizes, we have confirmed that the 15 player size is ideal for our needs and the best gameplay.

American tank concepts


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recently a bunch of interesting pictures appeared on the abovelinked forum. They represent various concepts from the 60's for new, upcoming tanks and are likely all made by the design bureau in Detroit.

Another case of ghost shells

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the ghost shells seem to be much more common as of late. For the lucky ones who haven't encountered this: a "ghost shell" is a bug where the shell simply passes through the target without doing any damage. It is usually associated with packet loss and desynchronization but in some cases (a few patches ago) there's a bug in the game that makes them appear much more than usual.

Here's another example of a ghost shell:

And here's the replay for this battle.

Have you encountered the ghost shells yourselves? Let Wargaming know!

Russian opens public proving grounds at Prokhorovka

Source: Russia military Facebook page

Thanks to Daniel Samson for this one.

Hello warriors,

Russia is opening a new public tank proving grounds at Prokhorovka, the site of the legendary WW2 battle. It will be the first tank proving grounds open to public. The post says:

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has opened his country's first-ever tank park, or tankodrome, on the territory of the village of Prokhorovka in southwestern Russia, the site of an iconic tank battle in World War II.

Russia's first-ever tank park, or tankodrome, has been unveiled on the territory of the southwestern Russian village of Prokhorovka, the site of a legendary WWII tank battle between the Red Army and Nazi troops; the opening ceremony was attended by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, sources said.

"I am glad that the idea we discussed during a meeting of the Victory committee chaired by the President has begun to take shape in reality," Rogozin said.

"We certainly want to go ahead with this project, because no other country endured what this land endured during those most horrendous years. We will always remember the feat of our loved ones," he added.

The tankodrome, which has an area of 11 hectares, is Russia's first-ever demonstration range that will be available to the general public.

It accommodates about 1,300 spectators, who can watch armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and armored patrol cars roll across difficult terrain, hills, water, a ruined urban landscape and a big bridge. The park’s fleet comprises a total of 12 vehicles, with seven of them serving as stationary exhibits.

The tank park is part of a large-scale military museum currently undergoing massive expansion in Prokhorovka, located in the Belgorod region.

The next phase is the construction of an indoor exposition, where a wide array of armored vehicles will be on display and where an amusement park is due to be built.

The decision to create the museum of armored vehicles was taken during last year's meeting of the Victory committee chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 12, 2014.

On that day in 1943, the Second World War's largest tank battle between Red Army and Nazi forces took place near Prokhorovka; it was part of the legendary Battle of Kursk. With both sides losing hundreds of armored vehicles and thousands of men, the battle finally helped the Soviet Union obtain a strategic advantage over Nazi Germany.