Friday, 13 March 2015

0.9.7 Vehicle changes

Here it is:

-Most arties got a major view range nerf between of 30 and 50 meters;
-Foch 155 aim time buffed from 3 to 2,8s, penetration nerfed from 293 to 272mm;
-Batchat got a stabilization buff (accuracy on the move improved by 12 percent), penetration nerfed from 259 to 249mm;
-Leopard Prototyp A and Leopard 1 penetration nerfed from 268mm to 257mm;
-Leopard Prototyp A got a stabilization buff (accuracy on the move improved by 9-10 percent), and reload time got buffed from 11,1s to 10,9s;
-Leopard 1 got stabilization buff (22 percent);
-E50M penetration got nerfed from 270 to 259mm;
-Jpz E-100 penetration got nerfed from 299 to 278mm;
-Type 61 top gun and STB-1 gun penetration got nerfed from 258mm to 248mm;
-STB-1 got stabilization buff (12 percent) and the gun aimtime was buffed from 2,3 to 2,2s;
-Charioteer, FV4202 and Centurion 7 top gun penetration nerfed from 268mm to 257mm;
-FV4005 and FV215b (183) AP shell penetration got nerfed from 310mm to 288mm;
-Firefly viewrange increased from 360 to 370m;
-M48A1, M60 gun penetration got nerfed from 268mm to 257mm;
-M48A1 Patton got accuracy loss from moving turret buff (you now lose 33 percent less accuracy);
-T110E3 and T110E4 penetration got nerfed from 295mm to 276mm;
-T110E4 got accuracy loss from moving turret buff (you now lose 17 percent less accuracy), aim time was buffed from 2,9s to 2,8s;
-T-62A, Object 430, Object 907 and Object 140 penetration got nerfed from 264 to 253mm;
-Object 263 penetration got nerfed from 290mm to 270mm, stabilization got buffed by 12 percent and reload time got buffed from 10,7s to 10,5s;
-Object 268 penetration got nerfed from 303mm to 282mm;
-Object 704 and ISU-152 (top gun) penetration got nerfed from 286mm to 266mm;
-Chinese 121 tank penetration got nerfed from 258mm to 249mm, reload got buffed from 9,6 to 9,4s and there's also  accuracy loss from moving turret buff (you now lose 14 percent less accuracy).

13.03.2015 Stream ( ended)

Will be streaming for a couple hours, today will start with some WoWS, will be grinding for a tier 4 Cruiser or carrier, haven't decided yet. ( Do have some codes left, will be giving them away)
Also if I don't get too immerse will be streaming some WoT later too, have some major grinds to do.

13.03.2015 QA.

Here it is:

-9.7 test will start later today;
-9.7 will bring the IS-3 in HD after all;
-The changes in BigWorld in 9.7 are mostly internal, they won't be noticed by players apart from perhaps some small performance improvement;
-More big news for World of Tanks will be announced after 9.7 comes live;
-The Overlord map is very historical, the mapmakers made a trip to Normandy to study the architecture and environment there in details;
-It's possible that 0.9.7 will bring some buffs and some nerfs;
-The option for players to select which map they want to play in random battles will not be implemented (RG: should be more select the ones we don't want, map rotation tends to give a overdose of the same maps way too frequently).

IS-3 in HD

So today I've shown you a IS-3 made of snow, now it's time for a HD IS-3, a highly requested model from the RU forum community, this is the only print-screen available so far but damn, it looks fine.

Matilda Restoration, a pensioner hobby.

Meanwhile at Australia, there is a entire team of men aged from their mid 60s to early 70s restoring "Ace", a 70 year old Matilda.
Apparently for these former soldiers, passing their pension time at the garden playing domino wasn't enough, for a few days a week, they crawl into the tank carcass despite their bad knees and only stopping for doctor consults.

Joe Tabone and Mike McGraw.

AW presents: BMP-2 Armored Fighting Vehicle

Meanwhile at Obsidian lands,

Armored Warfare is happy to present their latest vehicle, the BMP-2, one of the most known Russian infantry fighting vehicles.
This beauty will be a tier 4 IFV and its main job will be reconnaissance but with its automatic cannon it can give a fight against lightly armored vehicles like lights tanks and artillery and its anti-tank guided missile system can make any enemy on the battlefield squeal. Also, you can equip smoke grenade launchers in it to escape like a ninja!

More interesting info about the BMP-2:

Russian Men trend!

Thank you "Mark Mark" for sharing.

Seems like due to games like World of Tanks Russian men have sparkled a new interest, in the back yards across different Russian cities hundreds of "snow tanks" have been spotted, some are quite elaborate, will be showing my favorites but there are plenty more in the source link:

Amazing detail on this IS-3


Hello warriors,

today, the 9.7 test is starting - here's what's in it (ASAP 9.7)


-French tanks (several lowtiers + AMX-30 proto and AMX-30), no autoloaders;
-Team battles players will now have the option to build permanent teams;
-Team battles will be split to two modes: regular team battles and rated (ladder) battles;
-Ladders will be split into leagues and divisions, the better you play, the higher league you attend;
-Ladders will be split to seasons, each taking 2-3 months, at the end of which the ratings will be reset;
-Rated battles players will see the map they will play on in advance;
-New map Overlord (themed after Normandy landings);
-Live Oaks got reworked;
-New BigWorld engine version.

French Fortress Tank

In 1928, French general Etienne started a development program for a special type of vehicle, called Fortress Tank (Char de Forteresse), that was supposed to weight from 45 to 55 tons. The main idea was to create a heavily armored and armed vehicle, that would help fortify the Maginot line.

Company FCM was tasked with the project. In 1932, after several schematic proposals that looked just like raw outlines, the FCM engineers developed a proposal for a vehicle called Char BB. This 50 ton tank had 60mm of armor and was armed with a pair of 75mm guns with two machine-gun mini-turrets on the top. It was supposed to be propelled by a 600hp engine. Since the guns were protruding so much from the front, the developers had to add a "bumper" roller to the front as well to compensate for the weight distribution - this roller could also in emergency serve as a mine-clearing device.

Swedish Tanks - Part XXII: UDES

Author: sp15

Hi everyone, you may remember me from FTR as the guy who wrote the Swedish tanks series of articles. Well I’m glad to announce that they will continue here at Status Report, and I’m kicking them off with a recent find that may or may not be relevant for WoT.

In the early 70s the Swedish army set up several research groups to develop and propose concepts for new AFV's and anti-tank weapons.
The most important of these research groups was UDES short for research group direct fire combat vehicle (translated from Swedish). This group was led by Sven Berge, the engineer behind the S-tank who was working at the Swedish defense material administration which was in charge of the project.