Friday, 5 February 2016

Official HD Screenshots: Grille 15, Sentinel AC IE2 IV, Char de 25T, leKpz M 41 90 mm, T25 Pilot & Kirovets-1


More screenshots of the Supertester only vehicles, this time, official ones:

Grille 15

EU and NA Weekend Specials


You guys asked for me to start posting more of these, so here they are the weekend specials:


- From Saturday 6 February at 06:10 until Tuesday 9 February at 06:00 CET (UTC +1
x2 Crew XP (Be on top 10 basic XP )
For each Victory.

First Challenge


  • 5 x Large Repair Kit


  • Random Battles only
  • Once per account


  • Win a total of 15 battles
  • Be in the top 10 players on your team by base experience earned (bonuses for the first victory, premium account, etc., will not be counted to determine the rankings).

Second Challenge


  • 1 x Garage Slot


  • Random Battles only
  • Once per account
  • Complete the previous mission


  • Win a total of 10 battles
  • Be in the top 5 players on your team by base experience earned (bonuses for the first victory, premium account, etc., will not be counted to determine the rankings).


Sentinel AC I on Normal Server


while Sentinel AC IV just appeared in Supertest, the Sentinel 1 is already being used by Wargaming Staff in the normal server:

I was kind to make a version for the Australian readers! <3

When this vehicle was announced WG staff said this vehicles are "a homage to the support the Australian community has shown" but in my opinion is a big middle finger to them. Wargaming had the capacity to bring an Australian line of tanks (Ch-160, Scofield, Sentinels) and decided to kill it by plucking both Sentinel AC 1 and AC IV and turn them into premiums (*). This is a waste of market appealing, they could have the Australian players eating out of their hand but instead chose to throw their interest gain down the toilet.

It's a shame...

(*) Edit
The decision to throw this possible line away was most likely because there are no viable high tiers to complete it and this is what I don't understand and it feels like the company suffers from bipolarity because they never had issues to invent tanks to complete tech trees and/or for no other reason than making a couple extra bucks (like 59 Patton).

What you think about this?

9.14 UI Changes & New Features


this is how the 9.14 UI changes and new features look like:

-Store and Depot have been merged on same pop up window

-New extras added to minimap and available on settings:

  • Current View Range;
  • MAX View range;
  • Draw Distance.

Supertest Vehicles Official Stats


these are the official statistics for the tanks announced on Supertest:

Grille 15

Top Speed: 60 km/h / 20 km/h
Hull Armor: 30/16/20
Turret Armor: 20/14/0
Hit Points: 1800
Suspension Traverse Speed: 26 deg/s 
Turret Traverse Speed: 22 deg/s 
Rate of Fire: 4 rounds/min
Aiming time: 2,3 sec
Dispersion at 100 m: 0,27 m 
Penetration: 279/334/75 
Damage: 750/750/950
View Range: 400 m

Sentinel AC IV  

Top Speed: 60 km/h / 20 km/h
Hull Armor: 65/45/45
Turret Armor: 65/65/65 
Hit Points:  750
Suspension Traverse Speed: 40 deg/s
Turret Traverse Speed: 44 deg/s
Rate of Fire: 12 rounds/min
Aiming time:  2,1 sec
Dispersion at 100 m: 0,39 m
Penetration: 171/239/38
Damage: 150/150/190
View Range: 360 m

9.14 Super Test Patch Notes (Official)


I had the leaked 9.14 Supertest translation done but got to my knowledge that an official version was coming in a matter of hours so I waited.

Improved Vehicle Movement Physics and Improved Sounds
-The work on Improving the Vehicle Movement Physics and the Sounds has come to its final stage.

-In terms of the Super Test, there will be final tests conducted before the release of the Common Test of Version 9.14. You'll be able to find out more details about the changes on the portal a little later.

Vehicle draw distance and spotting range on minimap
-The minimap has been supplemented with circles to show the vehicle draw distance, the maximum spotting range and the player's current spotting range. The spotting range circle depends on many factors that affect the value of the vehicle's view range (set equipment like Coated Optics / Binocular Telescope, crew skills / perks, consumables, etc.).

-The opportunity to switch on/off draw distance display and spotting range circles has also been added to the settings.

Improved mechanics of activating First Aid Kit and Repair Kit
-Changed the logic of using Small Repair Kits and Small First Aid Kits. Now, if the consumable is used when there is just one damaged module/injured crew member, there will be no need to manually choose the module/crew member for repair/aid. The repair/treatment in that case will be done automatically.

Simplified vehicle module research for beginners
To simplify the process of familiarising new players to the game, the research system for Tiers I and II has been changed. Tier I Vehicles will have just one module available for research - a gun. Tier II vehicles will get the opportunity to research one module of each type (engine, gun, suspension, radio, turret).

Goal-setting Personal Missions (Manoeuvres) for Tiers IV-V
Beginners will receive special goal-setting personal missions, that are intended to introduce the game specifics of different vehicle types in World of Tanks.

WoT Console Maps Upgraded


the WoT Console team is at it again, they have improved a couple maps with better texture, weather conditions, lighting, etc.
I like how they still add familiar PC map features but manage to do it way better.

WoT Console: Type 59


in World of Tanks consoles the Type 59 will be available until 19 February, 2:59 ET.
It will have preferential MM and it wont make into the Chinese branch.

There are 3 packages:

7850 Gold

  • Type 59
  • x1 Garage slot 
  • 100% Trained Crew

9500 Gold

• x1 Garage Slot
• 100% Trained Crew
• Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
• 1,000,000  Credits
• Premium Days ( 7 )

11500 Gold

  • x1 Garage Slot
  • • 100% Trained Crew
  • • Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
  • • Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1
  • • Improved Ventilation Class 2
  • • 2,000,000 Credits
  • • Premium Days ( 7 )


New HD Model: T20


T20 HD model was trying to sneak like a ninja in the supertest patchnotes:

See previous:
Or if you prefer a visual list

Today's whereabouts & 9.14 Test Server


I wanted to warn you but didn't had time as I had to rush out at 5am for a personal side project, was surprised to find this elusive feline:

For those who can and if I was you, I would take advantage and visit The Tank Museum as soon as possible while the Tiger 131 is around, this bugger is a hard one to catch, even when I visited the workshop last year it was no where to be seen, besides the Tortoise is now on display as well (out of the VCC which is close most of the time).
Today I've been told that back in the day people would only ask for the Tiger 1 but nowadays there is a increase of requests for the TOG II and Tortoise. I wonder why... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, there was a Supertest patch today which means that the Test Server will start in one or 2 weeks depending of how things go. Translating patch notes for you, nearly done.