Wednesday, 2 September 2015

02.09.2015 Q&A

- Storm is aware of the poor work the Russian community managers did in recent stream
- in Spring, the developers introduced a new anti-bot system, leading to massive bans of bots
- Storm collected a large amount of Russian player feedback regarding the issues in the game, now he will sort through it. Results however will not be published due to the fear of misinterpretation.
- 9.10 caused or was connected to massive server breakdown on RU claster where 3-4 servers (out of 10 or so) died
- one player starts reporting microfreezes in 9.10, Storm confirms there are multiple reports of that (freezes when switching from sniper mode to arcade)
- several reports indicate issues in sniper mode in 9.10, it will be investigated
- Q: "Can you stop making people see the Tutorial screen every patch?" A: "We'll make you see it evertime you start the game!"
- Panzer IV Schmalturm didn't change in 9.10

2015 Beijing 70th Anniversary parade Videos

Hello Warriors,

"Chickentikka", a nice young lad who writes articles for the blog in a ocasion and I've meet during Tankfest has uploaded 2 more videos of the 2015 Beijing 70th Anniversary parade:

Ground Equipment

Equipment going into Beijing 

New Ranzar video

Hello Warriors,

new Ranzar video, part 2 of the "Operation Mousy":

World of Tanks 5th Anniversary

Hello Warriors,

check out this video of the 5th anniversary party of World of Tanks:

Title of this video should be "WG's hot chicks waving at camera"! :D

Type 63

Hello Warriors,

have an article for you about the Type 63, written by "Chickentikka". English grammar was corrected the best possible under today's circumstances.

Hope you enjoy!

The Type 63 is a Chinese light tank that closely resembles the PT-76 Soviet Amphibious light tank. However, there are many significant differences and I think Type 63 could be an interesting Chinese light tank in WOT or AW.
Type 63 entered service in 1963 and development began as early as October 1958.

1960, April. 211(designation) 4th prototype in firing test.
During trials, it was found to have a good strong gun that was able to knock out fortifications and fast enough to be able to effectively participate in a landing battle. Also performing scout missions in areas of wet lands which were basically the principal terrain in many Southern Chinese Provinces. This tank was modified and had many variants which are suitable as possible upgrades in games.

How the Tank Hull Evolved

Hello Warriors,

check out this video from WG RU on how the tank hull evolved, English Subtitles available:

Problems with 9.10 in RU

Hello Warriors,

just quick heads up, the RU server is suffering from multiple server breakdowns. The support service is on it but there is no ETA for a fix. Let's this issue doesnt come to EU/NA as well.
Two months ago Victor Kislyi promised that around this time a bomb will come, maybe this is it?

9.10 Terms of Use Changes

Hello warriors,

on Russian server, the Terms of Use (you know, the thing nobody reads and everyone presses "accept" in every patch) have changed in an interesting way. Specifically, two points were added:

- 12.4.1: In case of a closing of a WG game, Wargaming has to announce it no less than 180 calendar days in advance and has to send a letter on the address of all the users. There are no compensations awarded in connection with the product closure (as in, you won't get anything back once the game closes)

- 12.4.2: In case a player breaks the Terms of Use or other binding contract with Wargaming (including the terms of use of other WG games than WoT) resulting in access loss to the game, he will receive no compensation for that.

The first point is interesting - perhaps something concerning WoWp?