Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Detroit map screenshots

Hello Warriors,

here, some screenshots of the new map Detroit:

KV-4 KTTS TD Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

this are the screenshots of the KV-4 KTTS TD compared to the KV-4:

19.08.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Storm doesn't actually know which maps will not be activated for tier 6;
- Storm confirms that the 0 armor areas (such as vision ports) will detonate HE shells upon impact, they are a part of the collision box. There's armor behind them though. Their armor is 0mm thick so it's possible to damage them (as external modules);
- Russian ruble to USD exchange rate for the purpose of WG purchase on RU server (RU prices are fixed on USD, not rubles) was firmly set to 55 rubles per USD;
- Currently the Lakesville overhaul is still in testing phase, it's not finalized - no need to panic;
- For now it's hard to say when will reworked Lakesville appear on live server.

19/08/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

gonna do a WoT short stream before going in holidays to the US. (Do not worry about the blog, I will be still working on it for you from my hotel room before going out and bury my face in food! And Ivan will lend me a hand when is necessary).

As usual, 193 Tanks, EU/NA:

Steady as the Tortoise goes!

Note: Unsure if there will be a Q&A for tonight.

New Ranzar video

Hello Warriors,

this week caught the new Ranzar video in time! :P


A Premium today or a tech tree tomorrow?

Author: sp15

So with the leak of Swiss and Hungarian tanks being added as premiums I think there is a very important topic we should cover. That topic is what WG are doing and what they should be doing with the remaining part of the scrapped EU tree.

Panzer 61 a improved Pz 58 and once a Swiss tier 10 medium candidate

In early 2015 the EU tree was split into its component nations to avoid the problems and immense size of such a tree. When this happened Czechoslovakia and Sweden both had enough content and research done to provide full tech trees (except for Czech heavy’s). It was also clear that the minor nations like Hungary, Poland and Spain who could only build partial branches couldn’t be given their own trees due to the lack of high tier content (which is where WG makes their money). Instead as evidenced by the inclusion of the Turan 3 prototype and Toldi 3 in the German tree. The minor nation’s tanks were included within the larger trees as premiums with the possibility of partial branches within that tree as well (this will likely happen with the Hungarians).

KV-4 KTTS, tier 7 Soviet premium TD

Hello warriors,

this is the upcoming tier 7 Soviet premium TD, KV-4 KTTS. Contrary to its class in the game, this was NOT supposed to be a tank destroyer or a self-propelled gun. It's actually one of like 8 different proposals for the KV-4 heavy tank program that was to be equipped with superheavy armor and 107mm ZiS gun. Wargaming took one of these proposals - made by three authors: P.Tapatin, K.Kuzmin and V.Tarotko - and turned it into a premium TD.


Heavy tank destroyer, equipped with experimental 107mm gun M-75 (ZiS-24), built on the KV-4 tank hull project. Existed only in drawings.

Tier: 7 TD
Hitpoints: 1200
Engine: 1200 hp
Weight: 88 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,64 hp/t
Maximum speed: 35/10 km/h
Hull traverse: 32 deg/s
Gun traverse angle: 60 degrees
Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/2,685
Viewrange: 350
Radio range: 375,4

Battle of the Kursk Missions (EU)

Hello Warriors,

There are some "Battle of the Kursk" missions and discount awaiting the EU players:

-From 21 August, 7:10 CET until 24 August, 7:10 CET.


  • x2 Crew XP.


Battle of Kursk - U.S.S.R


  • Drive with Russian Tanks.
  • Win 25 battles
  • Be among the top 10 players on your team by XP earned.
  • x5 Large Repair Kits

Battle of Kursk - Germany


  • Drive with German Tanks.
  • Win 25 battles
  • Be among the top 10 players on your team by XP earned.
  • x5 Large Repair Kits

"Battle is over"
  • Win both previous missions and earn 1 day of premium membership.

Lego T29 with shooting mechanism

Hello Warriors,

this is very interesting. A lad called "Sariel" got inspired by World of Tanks and built a Lego Technic RC T29 Heavy Tank, check it out:

 "Model of the T29 US heavy tank prototype. Features drive, steering, elevated cannon with a shooting mechanism, rotating turret, ball-mounted front MG panned & tilted remotely, opening engine deck with a V6 piston engine, full suspension, lights, custom stickers and SBricks."

 The amount of work and detail put into it is just amazing!
This are the links of his webpage with instructions included:
T29 Heavy Tank
T29’s Shooting Mechanism

TankPorn (Do not question what I browse!)

Detroit Map Video

Hello Warriors,

here is a video of the "Detroit" map:

Apart from the minimap "creativity", it doesn't look that bad.

What do you think?

"Detroit" Have we met before?

Hello Warriors,

Auflodern, has noticed "some" interesting similarities between the new "Detroit" map that is currently in supertest and Himmelsdorf:

Well, much for creativity. At least you know what to expect of "Detroit" depending how much you enjoy Himmelsdorf!

This reminded me of a particular song:

"Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto!"

9.10 HD models comparison

Hello Warriors,

check out how the 9.10 HD models will look like in-game:

Which one is your favorite?

Armored Warfare Patch 0.7.1320

Hello Warriors,

Yesterday, August 18th, Armored Warfare released the patch 0.7.1320, this is what it contains:

 General changes

  •     Fixed the issue with invisible AI tanks
  •     Fixed the issue where AI tanks spawned inside if of player vehicles
  •     Reduced unmanned turret damage
  •     Modified the minimal damage threshold for ramming damage - slight bumps into allies will no longer cause damage
  •     Fixed a bug that was causing high tier vehicles to get about 3-7% less reputation than intended for dealing damage in PvP. This was caused by an incorrect modifier to the reputation to hit points formula based on the amount of HP growth that occurs between tiers. Credits were already correct - low credit income in some cases was not caused by this bug.