Saturday, 21 November 2015

21/11/2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Developers know about the 9.12 bug where in arty mode, when artillery tries to rotate the hull by aiming beyond the gun traverse limits, the movement is choppy and erratic
- Developers are investigating the possible issues with T34 (it became underpowered), Storm states that the recent statistics show that less shots penetrate it than before
- Storm just returned from a trip to Cyprus on Friday where they discussed "lots of interesting things" with Viktor Kislyi
- New sounds? motion physics? "News about both will come soon"
- The developers will investigate the credit and XP gain from Domination and will introduce corrections if necessary
- There was a hoax circulating on RU forums that Storm was fired. It's just that - a hoax.
- Ghost shells are appearing en mass in 9.12, players are complaining a lot about that - Storm states that they are slowly working on it but there were no changes in 9.12 to cause that
- Jove (Russian youtuber) released a hoax that Russian server will have a Type 59 marathon event, it's not true
- Q: "Action X sucks and gets oneshotted by arty!" A: "And FV4202 didn't?" (the complaint was specifically about the roof thickness)
- Storm promises: 9.13 will be released this year!
- The new track traces in 9.12 are bugged, it will be fixed
- Apparently there is a strange bug where if WoT runs in windowed mode, the mouse cursor starts behaving strangely, moving around etc.
- A player posts a list of complaints while other player replies him sarcastically that according to WG everything is fine. Storm's reaction: "Go and have some fresh air. Be hysterical somewhere else."
- There is a problem in 9.12 in the synchronization of serverside reticle, it will be fixed
- New maps can be for Domination only, for random only or for both, there is no rule saying they have to be tested in Domination first
- Some of the worst bugs of 9.12 will be fixed by a hotfix
- In 9.13, KV-5 will get a small armor buff


Armored Warfare Q&A

Battalions and Territory Wars

  • The developers are currently assuming that the upcoming Battalion versus Battalion mode “Territory Wars” will be using high tier vehicles, although it is possible that there will be certain tier-limited zones for low tier tanks as well The decision will depend on testing
  • The battalions will get the ability to choose when to fight by select their prime-time. The mechanism is as follows: there is a world map and on it there are “flashpoints” – zones of conflict. Each “flashpoint” has two parameters: battle time (time zone) and tier. It will be possible to fight on several “flashpoints” at once and capture parts of the map there. The more zones you capture and the higher their tier, the better the reward. It will actually be possible to capture the entire Flashpoint map
  • It’s too early to talk about whether it will be possible to merge two or more player battalions, the feature will only be developed once the battalion mechanism is already in place
  • There are plans to introduce special military bases for battalions. They won’t come immediately, but relatively soon
  • For now, the 100 battalion member limit will not be increased; the developers will wait with any such decision on test results.
  • The developers are working on promotion events for both regular players and for battalions; they are currently considering various reward mechanisms. Many of these ideas are coming from the players on the forums
  • Developers are considering implementing a “tactical map” feature for team leaders, where they could show their teams what to do, make marks on the map etc
  • It’s very likely the Territory Wars will be split into seasons with separate ratings for each


  • Regarding the PvE boss fights, one is already in development. PvE boss fights will not require battalions to participate, but of course playing with your friends while coordinating the fight by voice does give you quite an advantage. Battalion-only PvE missions will not be introduced for now
  • The developers are planning to introduce a “report a bug” button to the client
  • The developers are planning to make the post-battle screen list of players interactive (so players can add the players from last battle to their friends list or report them)
  • The developers are considering adding the battalion news bar directly to the game so the battalion leadership can leave messages in the client visible to battalion members
  • For now there are no plans for survival mode
  • The statement that very large maps (for example 2x2 km) would make the gameplay more interesting is not always true. The Reactor map is quite large and its gameplay must be analyzed. The size of maps will however increase in the future.
  • There are plans to separate maps by vehicle tiers but only when there are enough maps in the game to do that
  • There are no immediate plans to add maps based on real cities such as New York or Moscow. There are several reasons for that – for one, city maps always cause performance issues. Secondly, there are concerns that making real life places might create unnecessary friction. Instead, the developers are aiming at creating a specific unique atmosphere (distinctive for each territory) for each map without specifically referring to an existing location
  • Developers are considering adding the option to create inter-server tournaments (RU versus EU versus NA for example)
  • The bug where the enemy hides behind a dead tank and the aiming reticle incorrectly indicates that the dead tank can be penetrated is known and will be fixed.
  • The developers know about the bug where a dead tank can still capture bases if it gets destroyed within the base circle, it will be fixed
  • The developers know that one of the Retrofit modules (Intercom Systems)

WoT Blitz: Girls und Panzer

Hello Warriors,

in WoT Blitz, until 13 of December players will be able to earn a PZ IV H Anko from Girls und Panzer.

I'm not crazy over anime and to be honest don't like how my beloved old chap M3lee is pictured in the GuP series but I know some of you are into it. Although, I've been tempted to buy a GuP M3lee model after somehow spotting a one at Comic Con London without my glasses on...20 meters away. I'm very oblivious to my surroundings but have a very acute "Tank Radar" and can spot everything tank related even in the most unlikely places. Its a weird thing.


Gameplay footage and stats:

and Screenshots:

WoT's PS4 Update

Hello Warriors,

dug some extra bit of info about WoT's PS4:

-World of Tanks for PS4 will be full 1080p at 30fps. WG felt that full screen resolution and high detail tanks and maps at 30fps was a better experience for the game than downscaling or reducing textures.

-Mods will be allowed.

-Transfer from Xbox or PC is not possible at the moment but WG hasn't given up on finding a way but there are some barriers that are hard to overcome.

-Players will be able to play in any server they wish with the same account (aka roaming is available)

-Russian tech tree is in the beta.

WoT Xbox: Airfield Map

Hello Warriors,

The devs from WoT's Xbox are making me wish I was a "console peasant" right now, check out their version of the Airfield map: