Saturday, 11 April 2015

11.04.2015 4th Wargaming anniversary stream (Ended)

Happy Weekend everyone!
Today I will be doing a special type of stream to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Wargaming, I have 20 codes to giveaway (EU/NA) and physical prizes as well but only for EU residents (WoWS boxarts, Mouses, Headsets, WoT Bags and a Graphic Card).
I will be doing races in training room and giving the things randomly too for everyone.

Let's do this:

11.04.2015 Q&A

- developers never promised to give HD Leopard 1 the anti-HEAT spaced side armor, it won't be added just so;
- the reason for the statement above is that the Leopard 1 with spaced armor is too modern with a powerful engine and firecontrol system, new shells and additional armor - it would be too powerful for tier 10;
- the Leopard 1 HD model is final, at least until the introduction of customization (it's possible that the side screens for Leopard 1 will come as a customization option but no promises);
- it's not possible to implement the text feedback option into the test client - the problem is filtering of the feedback and too many players;
- it's possible that the 9th of May event will be introduced by a micropatch if the 9.7 is delayed too much;
- 9.8 will be somewhat delay by the very long 9.7 testing;
- some players report issues with microjerks (the screen is jerking a little whenever the tank is driving around), Storm states that this is an old issue and WG did not manage to even repeat it, let alone fix it;
- there are no plans to make Ensk bigger;
- there are no plans to rework the Airport map;
- it's not true that there are too few heavies in battles now;
- Batchat HD rework is delayed by WG waiting for new references (data) from the trip to French museums

MM Developer Stream

Hello warriors,

recently, a MM developer called "Nikita" made a stream with well-known RU streamer Amway921. Here's what he said about Wargaming MM. Some of the stuff is pretty nuclear.

- There will never be skill MM in random battles, that is SerB's unchanged position. If you want skill MM, go play team battles;
- Developer admits that sometimes, WG implements features without telling anyone. They implement it, make it live and announce it only if it's working properly (otherwise they silently remove it);
- "National battles" MM experiments led to no good results;
- The least vehicles you can meet in one random battle is 7vs7 (happens during late night when very few players are playing);
- Accounts with over 2500 battles played are considered as "advanced players" and when playing lowtier battles, they will not be playing with players with less than 2500 battles (RG: Couldn't agree more, something I've been saying for some time...)
- If a player is 3 times in a row at the bottom of the team, in 4th battle he will definitely be on the top of the team;
- After buying a new vehicle, the first battle with that tank you will definitely be on top of the team;
- Matchmaker has an unused parameter where it treats stock vehicles differently but the developers decided not to use it;
- Apparently platoons have lower chance of appearing on top of the team ("you want to play on the top of the team - play more solo");
- Developers want to ban troll-platoons but it is unclear when will that happen;
- In 9.7, many additional statistics will be collected;
- Developers already created a piece of code that allows the game to match two players together in a platoon not based only on winrate and number of battles but also based on overall account statistics;
- There is a mechanism developed for gold transfer among the players but it will not be implemented;
- Currently everyone at WG is playing WoWs;
- WoWs has a different MM mechanism, developed by Lesta (WoWs developer);
- WoT Blitz will have bots in tutorial, the tutorial mode is being completely reworked;
- In China (Chinese market), 60-70 percent of players are playing on Windows XP;
- Developers are working hard on Mac OS WoT client;
- MM is being completely reworked, there's no ETA however. There are plans for many small but very nice fixes.

New Ranzar video

Almost had forgotten to share it this week, here:

Armored Warfare Q&A 2

Hello warriors,

Armored Warfare developers made another Q&A session with players - in case you are interested, here it is. Also, Silentstalker ("Frank Davis" in comments) will be answering the questions you might have in the comments as well if you want.

First session can be found here.

Question:  How will player statistics be handled? Will clan commanders be able to see the statistics of their prospective recruits?
Answer: Players will be able to see the statistics of other players only outside of battle. We do not want to implement any functions that would display player skill in battles due to the detrimental effect it would have on player behavior in the game.

Question: Is there any mechanic in the matchmaking that will prevent a very good player being teamed with very inexperienced players all the time to 'balance' him? It wouldn't be fun for the good player to constantly have unreliable teammates nor will it be fun for the worse players to have a guy on their team who does most of the damage and who will also be frustrated with them.
Answer: The matchmaker won't make any special effort to lump good players with bad players into matches. That distribution will just be based on who queued in what vehicle at what moment. The only time player ability is taken into consideration is when it comes time to divide the pool of players into two competing teams to pit against each other. During this pass, the matchmaker is taking into consideration vehicle class, tier, and player skill to create teams of balanced vehicles and overall average player skill on each team.