Monday, 8 June 2015

08.06.2015 Q&A

No Q&A for today guys, still gonna leave you with the daily,

Someone sent me this today:
Thank you. :)

08.06.2015 Stream

Work pretty much done for today,

just waiting for the Q&A to arrive but meanwhile will be streaming some WoT.

for today I'm in the mood for some Viewer platoon. As usual 191 Tanks and EU/NA accounts.

Lets do this:

Armored Warfare: Second Early Access

 Hello Warriors,

the second early access test from Armored Warfare is knocking at the door.

The next test will run from June 10th until June 24th:

EU Server:
5pm - 9pm CEST on weekdays
4pm - 10pm CEST on weekends

NA Server:
7pm – 11pm ET on weekdays
6pm – midnight ET on weekends

The main updates (or the ones I deem the most important) are the introduction of tier 7 vehicles and Roughneck map and the fix of economy and mouse sensitivity issues.

If interests you, check here all the updates:

How much does WG earn on selling souvenirs

Hello warriors,

as you might know, on Russian server Wargaming has a very popular souvenir shop. Most of us probably think this can't make too much money, but is it really the truth? The WoT Ekspress VK page got sent some economy estimates of the souvenir sale on Russian market. In 2014, this revenue was around 5,5 million USD (!) and in 2014:

Apparently the market is really massive.

Armored Warfare: Roughneck Map

Hello Warriors,

Armored Warfare is proud to present their new map, Roughneck (at first understood it as RedNeck lol), inspired by the cold plains of Russia.

 This is the trailer:

And the "mini-map" view:

Green zone: Refinery
Red Zones: Primary access between teams
Blue Zone: Refinery pumping station

More images and info at:

"Developer Hour" Q&A: WoT Assistant

Developer hour interview, this time with mobile application (WoT Assistant) developer Dmitry Polykov

- 18 people are working on WoT Assistant;
- Currently developers are working on a new, separate application that will have chat, contacts and other nice features in it;
- The application will also have a magazine but other in-game functions will not be implemented in it;
- WoT Assistant interface will be reworked;
- Wargaming FM (WG radio) might be added to WoT Assistant;
- 3D models will not be displayed in WoT Assistant;
- Same goes for personal missions;
- It's possible events and discounts will appear in WoT Assistant;
- For CW 2.0 the CW part of WoT Assistant will be reworked;
- There will be separate statistics for Stronghold in WoT Assistant as well as a big update for clans;
- Clan commander will have the option to make a PUSH notification for clan members;
- The user ratio is 1:4 in Android favor.

Wargaming receives a Gold Youtube Button

Hello warriors,

Wargaming received a Gold Youtube Button award for one million subscribers.

Considering they now have like two million, it took the post quite a while to deliver it but it is still a nice reward.

World of Warplanes RU domain expired

Hello warriors,

we all know nobody really cares about World of Warplanes anymore but the fact that Wargaming did let the domain expire shows how much they do not care. The domain spent some time as unavailable due to the fact Wargaming forgot to renew it - it was only fixed some time later.

Yuri Pasholok Q&A

Hello warriors,

a couple more answers from Yuri Pasholok regarding some historical elements of World of Tanks

- Just like the Chinese TD's, the SPG's do resemble the Soviet solutions. The chassis used are of Soviet origins, as are the solutions - for example in 1944 the Soviets decided to put the 122mm M-30 howitzer on SU-76M chassis and the Chinese did the same thing with the 152mm D-1 howitzer. D-1 shared the mount with M-30 so it's not impossible.
- It's definitely not a rule that riveted Japanese tanks were all early and the late ones were welded - for example the quite late Type 92 Kei-Sensha was riveted as well;
- The heavies Japanese tank proposal weighed roughly 150 tons (although that's nothing compared to the French and their SEAM 1940 220 ton proposal);
- The Italians had some heavy tank of the truly heavy category, for example the T-39 - it will likely never appear in World of Tanks however due to the fact it has multiple turrets;
- Not all Swedish late vehicles will come at once (for example the artillery will likely come only after the heavy branch);
- The French had a M4 variant with 280mm thick frontal armor (this will likely never appear in the game).