Monday, 8 June 2015

Yuri Pasholok Q&A

Hello warriors,

a couple more answers from Yuri Pasholok regarding some historical elements of World of Tanks

- Just like the Chinese TD's, the SPG's do resemble the Soviet solutions. The chassis used are of Soviet origins, as are the solutions - for example in 1944 the Soviets decided to put the 122mm M-30 howitzer on SU-76M chassis and the Chinese did the same thing with the 152mm D-1 howitzer. D-1 shared the mount with M-30 so it's not impossible.
- It's definitely not a rule that riveted Japanese tanks were all early and the late ones were welded - for example the quite late Type 92 Kei-Sensha was riveted as well;
- The heavies Japanese tank proposal weighed roughly 150 tons (although that's nothing compared to the French and their SEAM 1940 220 ton proposal);
- The Italians had some heavy tank of the truly heavy category, for example the T-39 - it will likely never appear in World of Tanks however due to the fact it has multiple turrets;
- Not all Swedish late vehicles will come at once (for example the artillery will likely come only after the heavy branch);
- The French had a M4 variant with 280mm thick frontal armor (this will likely never appear in the game).

- The Matilda I was armed with a .50cal Vickers HMG but the question is, what would two Matildas do if they met one another in the game with their armor;
- Christie tank branch was developed like 3 years ago but generally it's very bad, Christie tanks don't get above tier 2 since they have about the same armament as their competition (the T1 Light Tank): 37mm infantry gun model 1916. And a one man turret. There are no real upgrades available for them.
- The E-50 Ausf.M is not a total fake. Based on the requirements for the E-50 the vehicle was supposed to have rear transmission. So the E-50 Ausf.M is something like "an artist's impression of how the tank would look if it was developed". The E-50/E-75 series suspension is mostly a fiction based on the artist impression of drawing-makers (not the WG ones but the historical ones) - serious people such as Hilary Louis Doyle did not draw anything apart from a side view of the hull, the various drawings going around the internet are all just fantasies of some artists. There is however a historical drawing of the Tiger/Panther (late) suspension proposal (this is what basically is the E 50/75, a Tiger II simplified for production with different turrets) - with leaf springs (basically a copy of Praga suspension)!

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