Monday, 30 November 2015

30/11/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

I'm livestreaming the 9.13 test server new sounds and physics. I'm rabiosa at the moment because unfortunately and thank you very much Wargaming RU for removing the Czescholovakian tanks from the test server after only few days without a warning. I had planned to produce content about them today among other CC's and we are not going to be able to do our work.  A simple phrase warning that an entire tech tree would be removed sooner than expected is apparently too much work. G fricking G.

I will be going back to normal server as soon I'm tired of Test Server.

202 Tanks, EU/NA and my usual 80's:  

9.13: Type 95 Ha-Go Armor Changes

Hello Warriors,

took some screenshots (let me know if you want gifs like on last patch posts) of the armor changes of the Ha-Go:

3D Model

WoT's December Wallpaper

Hello Warriors,

This is WoT's December wallpaper which features the T30:

Other dimensions and no Calendar option are here:

Cant believe December is nearly here. This has been a very weird year I tell ya...Things went from 8 to 80 and I feel as much a bundle of joy as I feel miserable about 2015. I should start getting gifts for my for younger siblings and best friend/honourable brother. It was so easy to know what to gift when my siblings were in the age of 6 but now they are grown up, at least with my BFF is easy, anything sexually embarrassing for him to open near his conservative grandparents will do. hehe

Friend or Foe? (1942)

Hello Warriors,

Been keeping this in my watch-list waiting for a proper time to post it, check out this black & white video made in the early 40's to help people to recognize British Armoured Fighting Vehicles and to distinguish those from the enemy:

Love to watch stuff like this, my favorite is the production of the M3lee which I've watched 3 or 5 times just because of the narrator lines.

9.13: AT-15A Armor Changes

Thanks to Anh Tuan Duong! :)

Hello Warriors,

AT-15A armor changes for you:

9.13 Test Server: New Sound and Physics

Hello Warriors,

the new Sound and Physics have been implemented in the test server, this is what you can expect:

Changes to Sound Design in the Special Test
  • Replaced the current FMOD sound engine with Wwise.
  • Emphasised the informational component of sound. Now, the players always hear the most important in-game events first.
  • Fully reworked all gameplay sound content.
  • New battle ambience is composed of unique content, recorded at various proving grounds.
  • Increased the overall distance at which important sounds are heard. Now, all events for shots, explosions and hits cover the whole vehicle visibility range (~600m), creating a more informative and immersive combat environment.
  • Reworked the sound design for both arcade and Sniper aim modes.
  • Fully reworked the sound of vehicle engines. The new sounds are based on authentic recordings of WWII armoured vehicles.
  • Fully reworked the sound of vehicle tracks. Now, as with engines, the sound of tracks changes depending on the manoeuvres of a vehicle.
  • Fully reworked the sounds of gun shots, both inside and outside of vehicle turrets. However, the current system of calibres has been kept.
  • Fully reworked the sounds of penetration. Now, not only can a player identify the calibre of the penetrating shell—they can also identify how much damage the penetration caused to their vehicle.
  • While in Sniper aim, players can now identify by ear from which direction their vehicle was hit.
  • Reworked the sounds of tracers. Now, there is a discernible difference in how shells of different calibres sound when hurtling in close proximity to your vehicle. 
  • Reworked the sounds of vehicle explosions.
  • Reworked and re-implemented the special sound upon causing a critical hit.
  • Introduced sound notifications upon destruction of vehicle modules.

Changes to Physics in the Special Test
  • Increased the mobility of light and medium tanks.
  • Light and medium tanks will be more mobile, due to the fact that they will no longer lose speed when driving over various terrain irregularities (bumps, rails, etc.).
  • Vehicle turns
  • While on the move, press SPACE and a directional button to execute the clutch-braking manoeuvre(not available for tank destroyers and SPGs).
  • The ability to control turn radius
  • While turning, release the forward directional button to decrease the turn radius. Press forward again to regain speed.
  • New ramming capabilities
  • You can now turn over enemy vehicles by pushing them off steep hills.
  • Reticle stabilisation
  • By popular demand, the reticle and camera in Sniper aim are stabilised as much as possible. The "gun rocking" mechanics have been disabled.