Wednesday, 3 February 2016

03/02/2016 Q&A


have another Slava Q&A for you and first of all I'm glad to see you enjoying this content and that you like Slava, he is indeed a cool guy like I've read you commenting. :)
This time I not only gathered questions from the comment section but also from emails and even reddit, do keep on sending them in.
theolice emailed me this. :3
For Russian blogs/pages who wrote this:
"Конкретных решений по улучшению балансировщика сейчас нет, но разработчики рассматривают разные дополнительные варианты, такие как балансировка по огневой мощности, хитпоинтам и да же скилу игрока в какой-то степени, но это все в планах."
(The text above says that WG plans to balance tanks according to their firepower, hitpoints and player skill)
- Skill based balance will NEVER happen and Slava has never talked about hp/firepower based balance.

Again, don't be afraid of contacting me to clarify things, don't be thick headed please!

Here it is:

On the JP100 whine - they plan to nerf it!!111
-We don’t, reducing alpha dmg is not always a nerf, T-34-85 at tier6 with 100mm gun was horrible, with 85mm it’s the best medium.

Q: Is there a chance that we will see the M60A1 introduced into the tech tree for the USA, to help update it a bit to a current standard of other nations with vehicles from the 1960's (T-62A, Leopard 1, AMX-30B, ect.). As well as make the US tier 10 medium competitive with other nations.
-Not A1:)) smth else, I really want to improve US med line.

New World of Ranzar


this week I haven't forgotten about the latest World of Ranzar:

I'm a creature of habits and Ranzar in my head still comes on a Friday.

Armored Warfare: Daily Bonus System


from today, Armored Warfare players will have the ability to collect daily bonus rewards which increases (if you log in) each day for a maximum of 7 days, this is how much we will receive:

1st Day: 2000 Credits
2nd Day: 500 Global Reputation
3rd Day: 10000 Credits
4th Day: 1000 Global Reputation
5th Day: Double Reputation income for every battle for one day
6th Day: One day of Premium Time
7th Day: 50 Gold

I love this, in fact, even when have absolutely no time to play I still try as often as possible to fire up games like GW2 just to collect the goodies, cant argue with free stuff. :)

Identity Crisis


currently on the US camo there is a bug which substituted one of the names for a Chinese:

This name has been swimming in the WoT client and decided to attach itself 3 months ago in the US camo, the team got notified but 12 weeks later and is still not fixed which is odd because they know it can easily rustle jimmies over the Asian servers, wonder if it has actually...

Screenshots: Grille 15, leKpz M 41 90 mm, Kirovets-1, T25 Pilot & Bat.-Chatillon 25 t AP

Hello beauties and mama's only beauties!

Have a couple more screenshots of yesterday's vehicles:

Grille 15
(Got confirmed that this vehicle is not meant for 9.14, its coming soon although)