Friday, 8 January 2016

08/01/2016 Stream

Hello loves!

I've caught up with pretty much everything worthy from the last few days, there are a couple things still but I need some extra time to read things properly and do some investigation. But for now, its time for my scheduled livestream, I'm very eager to be back playing some games. Tonight will be playing World of Tanks and probably just taking my favorite vehicles and other that need some grind.

Steady as she goes:

David Fletcher MBE Tank Chats: Praying Mantis

Hello loves,

David Fletcher MBE is back with a very short Tank Chats video, this time he talks about what I believe is one of the weirdest things The Tank Museum currently owns, the Praying Mantis:

"The Praying Mantis is an experimental machine-gun carrier manufactured in 1943.

Praying Mantis was designed by Mr E J Tapp of County Commercial Cars and the original patent dates from 1937. Two prototypes were built of which this is the second. The idea was to create a low profile weapon carrier which could take advantage of natural cover but raise itself up, as necessary, to shoot over walls or other obstacles."

Armored Warfare: Q&A # 11

Hello tracked and wheeled players,

Here is the most recent AW Q&A:

Is the normalization retrofit (Advanced MRS) working?
Yes. In Update 0.11, the retrofit was changed to provide a fixed bonus to the normalization value. Please note that normalization is only active for kinetic (AP) shells.

Are there any plans for "special" full 5 person PVE platoon scenarios?
Yes, such missions will appear as PvE endgame content. They will be quite difficult and coordination of the entire team will be essential.

When is AW going to join ESL?
The game is not yet ready to be promoted in e-sports, but that is something we are eager to work toward.

Are you going to implement more UI options like different crosshair options and colors?
Absolutely. Current UI development is focused on the garage – after that it will be battle UI’s turn.

What about the shot delay mechanics?
We are currently investigating the problem from another angle – it’s possible that the issue stems from server settings. We will keep you informed.

Question: Is the IS-7 Heavy Tank considered to be added to Armored Warfare?
Yes, as a premium vehicle.

Are there any plans to create more challenging AI? Currently, the AI pretty much just drives towards the objective, and regardless of difficulty level, at high tiers it’s pretty much shooting fish in a barrel. And what about the PvE credit situation?
On “Hard” difficulty, Mission results are far from guaranteed due to a number of tweaks we have made to the system. In 0.12, PvE becomes even more difficult with the added spawn randomization and the “Insane” difficulty will return in the future. On the other hand, adjustments were and will be made to AI behavior to better reflect the behavior of players (no more snapshots without any reaction time). To reflect these changes, we are currently reviewing the PvE credit income rate. Our general position has not changed – once the challenge level of PvE reaches that of PvP battles, we can introduce comparable rewards.

Will Tier 10 vehicles have unlockable modules?
It’s entirely possible. For example the Armata might appear with an alternative gun.

WoT Blitz New Camo Patterns (Picture heavy)


for the 2.5 patch, WoT Blitz is bringing camouflage feature, have to warn mobile users, this is a picture heavy post.

Will start first with the upcoming special camo for premium tanks (which by the way these work just like the WGL WoT PC premium LT pariah, the bonus is given automatically and you cannot purchase other patterns):

T-34-85 Victory

T34 Independence

IS-6 Fearless

Studianka map tease

*Coffe ready, cats fed, fires up Roxy Avalon album...*

Hello loves!

Seems like the Polish Studianka map is becoming more of a reality, WG made a tease in a recent "How to play X tank" video: