Saturday, 31 October 2015

Top of the Tree: T110E5

Hello warriors,

From 1 November at 06:10 until 15 November at 06:00 CET (UTC+1), the next Top of the Tree (tier 10 discount) on EU server will be the T110E5.
This is a tank I've had for nearly 3 years and recommend, specially after its recent buff although is very likely it will be nerfed so enjoy an OP vehicle while it lasts.

Other vehicles of the branch on discount are:

50% discount on purchase:

  • T2 Medium Tank
  • M2 Medium Tank
  • M3 Lee
  • T1 Heavy Tank

30% discount on purchase:

  • M6
  • T29
  • T32
  • M103
  • T110E5

+ 50% Crew XP bonus for all vehicles included in the special.

Equipment Recommended: Gun Rammer, Ventilation and Vertical Stabilizer.

Armored Warfare: Token System

Hello Warriors,

In Armored Warfare, the patch 0.11 will bring tier 9 vehicles like the Challenger 2, however they will only be unlocked with a new feature called the Token System.


"Each Tier 8 vehicle will have a Tier 9 Token available as a part of its progression. By unlocking the Token, available for reputation just like other vehicle upgrades, the player will get to choose from all the Tier 9 vehicles from that respective Dealer. After spending Reputation to research a "Tier 9 Unlock" upgrade in the Tier 8 vehicle's upgrade tree, players will be presented with an interface that allows them to select any available Tier 9 vehicle in the same Dealer.

The Tier 9 unlock upgrade can only be researched once per Tier 8 vehicle. After unlocking the Tier 9 vehicle, it must still be purchased with credits as usual. The advantage of this system is that Tier 9 progression is not bound to particular branches or groups of branches, it will for example be possible to unlock an AFV by collecting reputation on a Tier 8 Main Battle Tank of the same Dealer.

Please note:
It will not be possible to unlock regular Tier 9 vehicles from Tier 8 artillery. When Tier 9 self-propelled guns are introduced in the future, it will only be possible to unlock them from Tier 8 artillery vehicles. This decision was taken to reflect the drastically different gameplay of the SPG class compared to the other classes in the game.
Vehicle lines which currently end with a Tier 7 vehicle will have Tier 9 Unlock upgrade. Tier 9 Unlock upgrades on Tier 7 vehicles will have an increased Reputation cost to balance the ability of a Tier 7 vehicle to jump directly to a Tier 9."

Do you like this system?