Wednesday, 26 August 2015

26.08.2015 Stream (Ended)

Hello Warriors,

I'm back from the holidays in the 'Mericas and streaming:

Will be playing World of Tanks or... will be taking the rust off gaming.

As usual, 193 Tanks, EU/NA/RU and some 80's music.

Steady as she goes!

26.08.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Storm doesn't like watching WoT videos with commentaries: "What I can read in 2 minutes I have to listen to for 20 mins";
- There is a bug in test 9.10 where XP is counted incorrectly if you leave the battle early, it was already fixed and will not appear in live 9.10;
- In the past the events on RU server had the option to - instead of receiving immediately starting premium days for a mission - to receive a bonus code instead so players would decide when they want to start their premium time reward. It's unclear whether this will return or appear elsewhere.
- at some point more pre-war real tanks will be implemented but which ones and when is not disclosed;
- Compared to the visual model, the tank armor model is always simplified and never 100 percent corresponding to the visual one;
- 113 side spaced armor will likely not be changed;
- Developers are still investigating the issue where players drop on the same maps over and over again.

Tank 'drag races' cyclists

Hello Warriors,

"Sasha" has emailed me this. During the Arctic Race in Norway the Setermoen military camp decided to surprise the athletes and sent out a Leopard 2A4 to drag race them:

Lieutenant Colonel Aleksander Jankov said:

"The cyclists knew they were passing through an army garrison at Setermoen and that they would be welcomed by soldiers of Brigade North," . "They probably did not expect a moving tank alongside the peloton."  

Keep on being cool Norway.


O-I Overview

Hello Warriors,

WG has shared the upcoming O-I Japanese Heavy tank overview.

Its final (confirmed by NA) characteristics are as such:

Hitpoints: 970
Crew: 6 (commander, driver, gunner, loader, x2 radio operators,)
Weight: 155 tons
Maximum speed: 29.4 km/h
Engine: 1,200hp
Power-to-weight: 7.8 hp/t
Hull traverse: 22 deg/s
Turret traverse: 20 deg/s
Viewrange: 370 meters
Radiorange: 425 meters

Hull armor: 150/70/150
Turret armor: 150/150/150

Gun: 15 CM Howitzer Type 96
ROF: 2.4 rounds per minute
Penetration: 121/150/75
Damage: 700/700/910
Accuracy: 0,58
Aimtime: 3,7s
Depression: None given

Armor schematics:

Armored Warfare: Armor

Hello Warriors,

Armored Warfare has published for the first time armor schematics in an article:

They talk about the basic functions of armor and other protective measures:
  • Effective Armor
  • Rolled Homogenous Armor Equivalent
  • Armor Materials
  • Spaced Armor
  • Protection Upgrades
  • Protection Upgrade Types
  • Collision Model
Stingray 2 Collision Model - violet parts represent spaced armor.

I've noticed many of you been curious about this subject, let me know what you think. :)

No More Gold Compensation

Hello lovely Warriors,

According to Pizzastorm, WG's NA Community Manager, starting September 1st, 2015 whenever a mission or event is completed we will no longer receive Gold compensation from Premium tanks already owned, instead, we will get Credits.

This applies to:
  • On-Track Missions with a Premium Tank reward
  • Events via any other mission (Daily Log-In, Month Long key missions, etc)

There are still some transactions that will keep on compensating us Gold instead of the Credits:
  • Purchasing/being gifted a Premium Tank that you already own
  • Winning a Premium Tank in a live event (Twitch stream, player gathering, social media, etc)
  • The Premium Tank is re-balanced substantially in-game and a refund is offered

 What do you think about these changes?

E-25 Marathon Coming?

Hello warriors,

it looks like the Russian server will have a special event from 1st of September to 30th of September - a set of special missions with a premium vehicle as reward, also known as a marathon.

The picture of the E-25 suggests what kind of vehicle will the reward be. The question is - will EU and NA have the same?