Wednesday, 26 August 2015

26.08.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Storm doesn't like watching WoT videos with commentaries: "What I can read in 2 minutes I have to listen to for 20 mins";
- There is a bug in test 9.10 where XP is counted incorrectly if you leave the battle early, it was already fixed and will not appear in live 9.10;
- In the past the events on RU server had the option to - instead of receiving immediately starting premium days for a mission - to receive a bonus code instead so players would decide when they want to start their premium time reward. It's unclear whether this will return or appear elsewhere.
- at some point more pre-war real tanks will be implemented but which ones and when is not disclosed;
- Compared to the visual model, the tank armor model is always simplified and never 100 percent corresponding to the visual one;
- 113 side spaced armor will likely not be changed;
- Developers are still investigating the issue where players drop on the same maps over and over again.

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