Thursday, 30 July 2015

Turán 3 Prototype

Hello warriors,

this is the upcoming tier 5 premium German medium tank, Turán 3 prototype. You can read more about its history here:

This appearance likely means that the Hungarians (who could in theory build a branch up to tier 7-8) will not appear in the game as a separate nation. According to the leakers this is going to be a regular premium vehicle (available for money).


A prototype of a Hungarian WW2 period medium tank with a long 75mm 43M and with improved armor compared to the previous variants. It was never mass produced because the armor production in Hungary stopped in Summer 1944

Tier: 5 MT
Hitpoints: 570
Engine: 260 hp
Weight: 20 tons
Power-to-weight: 13hp/t
Maximum speed: 40/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 34 deg/s
Turret traverse: 29,2 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,959/1,151/1,726
Viewrange: 330
Radio range: 636,6

30.07.2015 Q&A

 Here it is:

- Hungarian tanks will appear in the game. According to supertesters, "Turán 3 Prototype" should appear on supertest soon (what kind of crews or tree will it have is unclear);
- CW tanks will not be sold for money. For now.  (Storm: "for now, I don't foresee it");
- Storm is now collecting feedback on the Domination mode;
- WG is working on PvE mode;
- Storm personally likes the latest iteration of the Domination mode the most;

Have a good day!

Armored Warfare: Artillery Support Shells

Hello Warriors,

The Armored Warfare lads have posted an article showing in more detail on how the Support Shells for Artillery will work, there is a lot of details so I will post the link to make sure you wont miss anything:

They actually nailed right my only concern that could make this be a failure, the artillery will be rewarded for supporting random players:

"When using smoke rounds, artillery players are rewarded for breaking enemy line of sight to their allies."

"When using illumination rounds, artillery players are rewarded for spotting enemies as well as any damage dealt to targets that are spotted."

Cant wait to test this out on the 13th August. :)

Wargaming's 17th Anniversary Missions

Hello Warriors,

was going to take my IS-3 for a random walk (have to keep the crew going if want that 6th skill to see the light of the day!) and while browsing the mission panel noticed that the Wargaming's 17th Anniversary missions have been placed:

-They will take place from 1 August, 7:10 (CET) until 4 August, 7:10 (CET)

Note: the missions are only visible on EU, went to check my NA and RU accounts and they are not showing up yet.

New maps coming

 Hello Warriors,

New maps screenshots, this is from closed section of the RU forums (for supertesters).


Studyanki (Poland):

Czech map:

T1 HMC (tier 2 artillery)

Hello warriors,

this is the T1 HMC, another new member of the American artillery line - this time on tier 2


The Howitzer Motor Carriage T1 vehicle was built in the autumn of 1930 on the chassis of the T2 light tank. Parts and elements of the T1 Cunningham were used in its creation. The development however took place in the middle of the Great Depression and that is why it was stopped after building one prototype.

Tier: 2 arty
Hitpoints: 80
Engine: 89 hp
Weight: 5,165 tons
Power-to-weight: 17,23 hp/t
Maximum speed: 34/12 km/h
Hull traverse: 20 deg/s
Turret traverse limit: 60 deg
Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/1,87
Viewrange: 280
Radio range: 265

Maus Cat Tree

Hello Warriors,

Vladimir C. knows that I love cats and shared this video with me of a MAUS cat tree!
To all cats and tank lovers:

I can imagine the cat meowing "Yes... Yess Hooman! I approve of this prototype model for the world  domination plans. Now! Make it a real tank and I will spare your soul after lashing you to within an inch of your life. And then, I'm going to love you, violently!"

Small Edit: Thank you to "eelco berg" in the comment section, he pointed out that there is currently a contest going on in the forums where you can earn this Cat-Maus tree:

Czechoslovak crew faces

Hello Warriors,

here are the Czechoslovak crew faces, the seventh from the left is Tuccy, former WoT Czechoslovak community manager and current World of Warships manager:

What you think about them and whats your favorite?
Mine is the twelfth from the left... its the facial hair. :P

PAK 40 German 75mm anti tank gun video

Hello Warriors,

Roy H. , a very nice gentleman that took me home during Tankfest has shared this video of a PAK 40 German 75mm anti tank gun with a dude that apparently fires on the READY command!