Friday, 8 May 2015

08.05.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- A player was complaining that the picture in WoT is very "jerky", not smooth. Storm suggests to turn off triple buffering;
- Storm will not explain how tanks are chosen for regular branches in WoT: "It would take a lot of time to explain it so you would understand. And whether it's necessary... well, it is not to most people."
- Storm confirms that the T-62A turret bug was already fixed;
- SD client will support texture mods (usual mods will work on it);
- According to Storm, WG does not lack ideas as to what to do with gold ammunition. The problem is that these ideas do not fit ("are not suitable");
- The problem of the gold ammo hardcap idea is that with such a hardcap, players will use the gold ammo against heavily armored targets only anyway and so it won't change the situation in slightest;
- "HD" client (announced today) will not bring any higher resolution textures, the current client will simply be renamed to HD client;
- The Sherman Revalorise is the French-built prototype super sherman with the old suspension, M51 is still capable of being added as a tier 8 regular.

And the daily dosage, premium TD camouflage doing its work:

Thank you Tamas V. for emailing this! :)

08.05.2015 Stream (Ended)

Happy Friday everyone!

So glad that the week is almost over, I'm streaming currently on my last stretch of it!

Will be streaming World of Tanks with my EU/NA accounts and currently have 184, may get some of the new premiums today as well:
If I feel too exhausted I may do my last hours playing "floating things (WOWS).

Note: The Q&A for today is a little bit delayed, but I will be posting it as soon its available.

Armored Warfare: Vehicle Balance

Armored Warfare just posted an article of how they balance their vehicles.

This are the steps they take:

  • Suitable or not?
  • Class... but which one?
  • Balancing a vehicle before release
  • Balancing of vehicles after their release
  • Premium vehicle rebalancing

Read more here:

HD/SD client split confirmed officially


Hello warriors,

Wargaming officially confirmed the HD/SD client split. During the installation, you will be able to select whether you want a HD client with HD textures or a SD client with lower resolution textures. Only 64bit OS users will be able to install the HD version.

You will also be able to either "upgrade" your client to HD from SD (by downloading additional textures) or "downgrade" your HD client to SD (by having the game delete the HD textures you no longer need).

A bunch of replies to commonly asked questions:

- Mods should work with both versions the same (WG however does not as usual guarantee their functionality);
- You will not have to choose the version of client every patch, the system will automatically download the SD/HD patch based on your settings;
- The SD client is roughly 6GB smaller than the HD one (unpacked installation), you will download roughly 3GB less if selecting the SD client;
- The HD client is currently called "beta HD client" because WG is constantly adding new HD content and its size (composition) is not final.

Wargaming renames inactive accounts

Hello warriors,

ever wanted that one nickname only to discover that some three years old 0 battle account has it? You're in luck: Wargaming started a program to rename such old inactive accounts to "technical" names, releasing the good ones for public use, as confirmed by LJ user Evilsexybear.

How it works: the owner of an inactive account receives an e-mail notification to log in within 10 days. If he does not do that, the account will be renamed to a "technical" temporary name and the nickname it had will be released to public.

This is how the letter looks in Russian. It is not known whether this program is active for EU and NA servers but on RU, it is (the name of the account was shopped away of course).

T-62A fix and random info

Hello warriors,

just a bunch of random pieces of information from various sources:

- on Russian forums, Storm confirmed that the developers already fixed the T-62A mantlet and turret bug internally. Whether it will be deployed by a hotfix or in 0.9.8 is not known.
- apparently, according to the Insider, Wargaming is working on (or at least considering) on another vehicle from the Middle East, the Sherman with FL-10 turret. It is very unlikely it will be a part of some new tree and so if it comes we can expect another "French" Sherman.
- according to Russian server, the new "parade" premium tanks will not be sold after 1st of June ever again

Saving the Dresden art

Hello warriors,

one more historical video appeared on the Russian server. At the end of the war, Dresden was bombed by the Allies to such an extent that practically no buildings were left intact. This included the art gallery in Dresden but the Germans managed to save many art pieces in various caves and bunkers. This video is about recovering them. English subtitles available.