Sunday, 26 July 2015

26.07.2015 Q&A

Hello Warriors,

there is no Q&A. Today things are gladly quiet as this one is reaching fever levels of exhaustion. Had a interesting adventure with tanks yesterday.

The Author of this photo decided to make a "Dwayne Dibley" joke while I was trying to pose nicely. :P

Living the StuG life!
Posted by Rita Gamer on Domingo, 26 de Julho de 2015

Have a good weekend! :)

New WoT statistic


Hello Warriors,

there is a new WoT statistic to replace WN8, its the Lumberjack rating!

Here you can see the top players that are the most offended by trees:

Those stat treepadders making global warming worse... :P


I would like to see a statistic being made on the environmentalist arty players that drown the most to give new houses to coral and fishes!

New USA Tech Tree

Hello Warriors,

with the recent changes being done in some tanks this is how the US tech tree should look like in the future:

Tank found in a lake

Hello Warriors,

starting a bit late as I'm feeling exhausted from yesterday. Will check if missed something interesting for you and then head back to bed to my kittens and blanket cocoon.

 A metal detector lad found a tank in a lake, which tank you think it is?

The lad says "German", "88mm" and "type IV" on his video description. I ask you because Ive seen metal detector guys going so far as calling a AA gun a Tank... :/