Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Visit to HMS Warrior and HMS Victory

Hello Warriors,

today went to take a look at the HMS Warrior and HMS Victory together with Mighty Jingles and Ed Francis as an birthday activity (Ed and I share same birthday day). The weather was lovely and was an enriching experience, specially when I had 2 guides pointing every detail of the ships!
We also took the chance to visit an antique shop that was crammed with militaria (felt like a museum that if you happen to have a couple hundred to a thousand pounds laying around in your pocket, just  buy what you want take it back home), saw a couple Lugers, a Panzerschreck and even a Sidewinder missile among other British, French and even Japanese items. The creepy part was some SS uniforms (and randoms) that were being sold. I had seen some before but always in museums and always at a certain distance but these were right in front of me, separated only by a thin glass and obtainable. 
In a positive note, they had toys, very old ones and Ed pointed out a couple Star Trek toys which I will want to get my hands on! Slowly decorating my woman cave!

I took a couple photos for you, some of them may not be the best as this one completely forgot her memory card and couldn't take photos, used a phone instead:

HMS Warrior

Upcoming Smolensk map

Hello warriors,

here's a picture of the layout of the upcoming map called Smolensk that will appear soon on the supertest. We don't know much about it yet but it seems to be a city/mixed type map. It is not clear what the numbers mean.

Loading screen art:

07.07.2015 Q&A

Hello warriors,

apparently the M56 video with Chieftain was supposed to have a rather funny line. Chieftain:

I had actually said something like "You will probably never need to know how to operate a museum piece, though I do wonder if the T-34s we've seen used in Ukraine recently might have been started by using our videos as a reference". The Minsk guys flat refused to allow it, for fear of upsetting someone.
- new TXAA anti-aliasing making things too blurry? Storm: "We noticed. It's one of the features of the algorhitm. We will slowly work on that so it isn't that noticable."
- there will be third test round of 9.9 test
- apparently there is "an exploit with dll injection" in the game. As soon as the question appeared in the thread, Storm immediately closed it saying it's "off-topic".
- Storm doesn't know exactly when the FV4202 mission will come
- Q: "I wanted to ask... about the Japanese tanks, there are rumors that the Japanese had short and black... gun barrels, not like the Russian ones. Is it true?" A: (Knopka, Blitz community manager): "I'd say that each tank has its own gun. So various groups don't have any particular guns. This is not specific to the Japanese branch."

Soviet tanks coming to WoT Blitz

Hello warriors,

very little is going on today so here is a couple of pictures of upcoming Soviet vehicles in Blitz: KV-2, KV-13 and Object 140