Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Visit to HMS Warrior and HMS Victory

Hello Warriors,

today went to take a look at the HMS Warrior and HMS Victory together with Mighty Jingles and Ed Francis as an birthday activity (Ed and I share same birthday day). The weather was lovely and was an enriching experience, specially when I had 2 guides pointing every detail of the ships!
We also took the chance to visit an antique shop that was crammed with militaria (felt like a museum that if you happen to have a couple hundred to a thousand pounds laying around in your pocket, just  buy what you want take it back home), saw a couple Lugers, a Panzerschreck and even a Sidewinder missile among other British, French and even Japanese items. The creepy part was some SS uniforms (and randoms) that were being sold. I had seen some before but always in museums and always at a certain distance but these were right in front of me, separated only by a thin glass and obtainable. 
In a positive note, they had toys, very old ones and Ed pointed out a couple Star Trek toys which I will want to get my hands on! Slowly decorating my woman cave!

I took a couple photos for you, some of them may not be the best as this one completely forgot her memory card and couldn't take photos, used a phone instead:

HMS Warrior

Jingles and Ed have invented a new measurement unit. The "Ri'Tar". They make me stand near canons and guns for reference.

 I'm pretty sure no woman believed he had a big canon in his bed chamber. *giggles*

 Men would sleep, eat and fight in this area.

 In case of Dwarf invasion.

An essential, Rum.



 Gunpowder storage.


HMS Victory (The oldest commissioned warship in the world). Unfortunately some decks are currently under maintenance and flash is not allowed inside.


 In Status Report we teach you what a Poop Deck is. 

And a extra, MGB 81:

That's all folks! Next time will be posting your photos! :)

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